Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


LATEST UPDATE – December 2017
Lawyers and Paralegals – Here's what you need to KNOW AND DO for 2017:
1. Adopt a Statement of Principles - Recommendation 3 (1) (mandatory)
2. Create, Implement, Review a Human Rights/Diversity Policy (mandatory for legal workplaces of 10 or more licensees)
3. Information Session on the new obligations - View the On-Demand Webcast
4. A Guide to the Application of Recommendation 3 (1) has been developed

The Law Society understands that racialized lawyers and paralegals face barriers at all stages of their careers. We are putting into action five strategies to remove these barriers:

  • Accelerating culture shift
  • Measuring progress
  • Educating for change
  • Implementing supports
  • Leading by example

Our main objectives are to:

  • Create more inclusive legal workplaces in Ontario
  • Reduce barriers created by racism, unconscious bias and discrimination
  • Increase representation of racialized licensees in the professions, in proportion to the representation in the Ontario population, in all legal workplaces and at all levels of seniority.

Implementation of the strategies has begun.  Here’s what lawyers and paralegals need to KNOW AND DO 


Read the final report - Working Together for Change: Strategies to Address Issues of Systemic Racism in the Legal Professions