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January 2015 Convocation

Two paralegal licensing exemptions ended

Convocation approved amendments to By-Law 4 to end the licensing exemptions for the Canadian Registered Safety Professionals and the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Certain exemptions to licensing were provided for when paralegal regulation was implemented, but the Law Society is committed to reducing the number of exemptions to licensing over time. Full report.

Human Rights Monitoring Group Interventions approved

Convocation approved interventions in the following cases:    

  • Lawyer Narges Mohammadi – Iran 
  • Lawyers Vitaliy Moiseyev and Tatiana Akimtseva – Russian Federation 
  • Lawyer Dr. Amin Mekki Medani – Sudan    

Full report.

AGM taking place May 13

The Law Society’s 2015 Annual General meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 13 at 5:15 p.m., at Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen St. W., Toronto.  

Information report on firm and compliance-based regulation received

Convocation received a report for information from the Professional Regulation Committee on the progress of the committee’s consideration of firm and compliance-based regulation.

Firm regulation has been put into place in England and Wales and Australia and introduced in other Canadian jurisdictions, including British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Preliminary evidence from these jurisdictions suggests that firm regulation can be an effective and efficient regulatory model that may enhance protection of the public.

The committee has asked for the development of a framework for firm regulation for its review.

This work is being done in tandem with the committee’s review of compliance-based regulation. In a compliance-based regulatory scheme, the regulator sets out expected outcomes and provides flexibility to firms as to how the outcomes are achieved. Full report.   

ABS Working Group update report delivered        

The Alternative Business Structures (ABS) Working Group provided a report for information describing the group’s activities over the past year, including meetings held with legal organizations. In September, the working group released a discussion paper, with information on ABS, to promote dialogue with the profession on ABS and input on ABS models. The group plans to report back to Convocation in February with a summary of feedback received to date. Full report.   

Diversification of Career Paths report released

The Diversification of Career Paths in Law: Tracking Movement out of Private Practice Among a Recent Two-Decade Cohort of Law Graduates, a report by Professor Fiona Kay, was received by Convocation for information. The report, which was commissioned by the Law Society, shows that most new lawyers who begin their careers in private practice no longer follow the traditional career path that leads to partnership within a single law firm. Full report

Proposal for review of Tribunal Model approved

Convocation approved a proposed process for the three-year review of the new Tribunal Model, required as part of the implementation of the enhanced Tribunal Model that Convocation approved in June 2012. Full report.

Conduct of 2015 Bencher Election

Convocation appointed Ex-officio Bencher W. A. Derry Millar to preside over the 2015 lawyer bencher election as the current Treasurer is a candidate in the election. Full report.


Bencher Barbara Murchie was appointed to the Access to Justice Committee.



Consent Agenda (PDF)

  • Confirmation of Draft Minutes of Convocation – November 28, 2014
  • Motions
    • Appointment
    • 2015 Annual General Meeting
    • In Camera Motion
    • Conduct of the 2015 Bencher Election
  • Report of the Director of Professional Development and Competence – Deemed Call

Tribunal Committee Report (PDF)

  • Tribunal Model Three Year Review
  • For Information: Tribunal Office Quarterly Statistics

Paralegal Standing Committee Report (PDF)

  • Amendments to By-Law 4 Respecting Licensing Exemptions

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee/Comité sur l’équité et les affaires autochtones Report (PDF)

  • Human Rights Monitoring Group Requests for Intervention
  • For Information:
    • Report of Professor Fiona Kay, The Diversification of Career Paths in Law Report
    • Public Education Equality and Rule of Law Series Calendar 2015 

Chief Executive Officer’s Report (PDF)

For Information

Audit and Finance Committee Report (PDF)

  • LAWPRO Third Quarter Financial Statements for the Nine Months Ended September 30, 2014
  • LibraryCo Inc. Third Quarter Financial Statements for the Nine Months Ended September 30, 2014

Professional Development and Competence Committee Report (PDF)

  • Professional Development and Competence Director’s Annual Report on Programs and Resources

Professional Regulation Committee Report (PDF)

  • Alternative Business Structures Working Group Status Report
  • Entity-Based Regulation Review Status Report

Report from The Action Group on Access to Justice (TAG) (PDF)


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