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August 6, 2020

Recommendations for Strategic Change approved
Convocation approved five proposals for strategic change which are intended to reduce regulatory burdens, streamline processes and achieve savings and internal efficiencies. The changes include:
  1. Moving trust account reporting by licensees to the Law Society Portal, and automation of certain processes. 
  2. Streamlining of administrative obligations (annual fee, annual report filing, CPD requirement) including setting March 31 as the due date for all three obligations, eliminating the late fee and reducing default periods.
  3. Removal of annual fee exemption for licensees who are over 65 years of age and who do not practise law or provide legal services.
  4. Removal of annual fee exemption for life members (licensees who have practised law in Ontario for 50 years or more).
  5. Revocation of licence for those whose licence has been administratively suspended for more than 12 months.
The changes were recommended by CEO Diana Miles and are informed by the deliberations of the Proportionate Regulation and Program Review Task Forces. By-law amendments are required to implement certain recommendations. Read more.
Appointments approved
Convocation approved committee, task force, working group and other appointments. Learn more

Other decisions
Tribunal Appointments
By-Law 3 amended re: Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee
Motion to amend By-Law 3 re: Bencher Code of Conduct was withdrawn



Public Minutes
Public Transcript


Consent Agenda - Motion

  • Confirmation of Draft Minutes of Convocation – June 26, 2020
  • Motions    
    • Tribunal Appointments
    • In Camera Appointment


  • Committee and Other Appointments

Priority Planning Committee Report

  • Amendments to By-Law 3 Respecting Interjurisdictional Mobility
  • Recommendations for Strategic Change 

Notice of Motion

Treasurer’s Report (in camera)

CEO’s Report (in camera)

The Law Society held a virtual Convocation meeting on Thursday, August 6. Here is the link to the webcast.
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