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2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Convocation has established four key objectives to guide and direct the strategic agenda for the Law Society over the 2019 to 2023 timeframe: 

  1. Proportionate regulation
  2. Scope of regulation
  3. Competence and quality of service; and
  4. Access to justice.


These four objectives are intended to be pursued in tandem with other work the Law Society is already undertaking, including ongoing implementation of previously approved priorities.  Convocation’s standing and other committees will also continue their policy-focused work as matters within their mandates or issues over which they have oversight are considered and evolve as a result of these objectives.

In accordance with the Governance Practices and Policies, two years into the bencher term, the Strategic Plan will be reviewed. This will include an assessment of the concrete steps taken to realize the objectives, what remains to be accomplished and whether any adjustment to the strategic direction Convocation has set is warranted.

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