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Access to Justice Consultation

Call for comment: access to justice approach
The Law Society’s Access to Justice Committee is seeking input from lawyers, paralegals, legal and community organizations and the public to assist in its ongoing review of the Law Society’s approach to access to justice.
Unmet legal needs have a profound negative impact on individuals and society in Ontario. To address these needs with finite resources and a defined regulatory mandate, the Law Society must ensure its access to justice initiatives are effective and consistent with its statutory functions.
The committee is requesting feedback on the access to justice initiatives currently undertaken by the Law Society.  The initiatives are described in the Consultation Paper and a list of guiding questions are found at the conclusion of the paper.
Read the Consultation Paper
There are three ways to provide comment by May 31, 2019.
  1. Respond to the questions through the online survey form.
  2. Upload a Word or PDF document (no bigger than 5MB) through the online survey form.
  3. Mail your submission to:
    Access to Justice Consultation
    Law Society of Ontario
    130 Queen Street West
    Toronto, ON M5H 2N6

Make a submission through the online form
Important notice: Submissions will be provided to the Access to Justice Committee. Submissions may also be provided to Convocation and may be reproduced, and/or made publicly available by the Law Society, with attribution. The Law Society reserves the right to redact submissions at its discretion, for reasons including the protection of confidentiality, copyright, and brevity.