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Papers and Videos from past colloquia

colloquium_windowPlease Note: Video recordings of the 1st to 13th Colloquia are posted below.

You will need to have the RealPlayer audio/video software installed on your computer to view streaming audio and video files provided by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

RealPlayer is a free download and can be found here: Click here to download RealPlayer

For additional requirements, please see our System Requirements page.


13th Colloquium - November 2010
Lawyer, Legends, Legacies and Lessons from Ontario Legal History


12th Colloquium - March 2009
The Independence of the Bar and If It Matters

11th Colloquium - November 2008
Professionalism and Serving Communities
10th Colloquium - March 2008
Professionalism: Ideals, Challenges, Myths and Realities
9th Colloquium - October 2007
Legal Ethics in Action
8th Colloquium - May 2007
The Challenges of Leadership
7th Colloquium - October 2006
Polemics and Professionalism
6th Colloquium - March 2006
Law and Lawyers in Literature and Film
5th Colloquium - October 2005
Honour, Integrity and Professionalism in the Legal Profession
4th Colloquium - March 2005
Accessing the Justice in Professionalism
3rd Colloquium - October 2004 2nd Colloquium - March 2004 1st Colloquium - October 2003