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Ableism and Accessibility

Access to Justice

Additional Law Society Resources

Coach and Advisor Network – Law Society

Coaching/Networking/Mentoring Resources

Diversity in General

Gender Equity and LGBTIQ2S Resources  


Government Organizations

Human Rights Code/Human Rights Policy

Human Rights/Diversity Policy – Law Society Resources  

  • Legislative Framework for Human Rights/Diversity Policies (HTML) (PDF)
  • Key Concepts in Drafting Human Rights/Diversity Policies (HTML) (PDF)
  • Addressing Recruitment, Retention and Advancement in Human Rights/Diversity Policies (HTML) (PDF)
  • Sample Policies (PDF) (Word)

Indigenous Legal Resources


Residential Schools Settlement Agreement


Law Society Indigenous Framework

Law Society Aboriginal Bar Consultation

Practice Guidelines



Justicia Project - Law Society Resources

Legal Ethics


Mental Health Issues

Race and Racism

Racism in the News and Popular Culture

Research and Reports – the Law Society’s Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees Working Group

Statement of Principles – Law Society Resources

  • Guide to the Application of Recommendation 3(1) (PDF)
  • Key Concepts (HTML) (PDF)
  • Templates (Word) (HTML)

Statistics on Race and Diversity

Tools for Measuring Statistics

Workplace Violence, Harassment, and Misconduct