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What Lawyers and Paralegals Need to Know and Do


Know Do Report

Human Rights Diversity Policy

Develop, implement, maintain and/or review for legal workplaces of 10 or more licensees (mandatory)

Ongoing in the annual report filed by licensees each year (initiated in 2017)

Inclusion Self-Assessment

Licensee representative of legal workplaces of 10 or more licensees to complete an equality, diversity and inclusion self-assessment about their legal workplace every two years (mandatory)

In 2020 annual report filed by licensees for use in the Inclusion Index (first inclusion self-assessment was in 2018)

Continuing Professional Development: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Requirement

Mandatory for licensees who are subject to the CPD requirement

Continue to meet requirement of 3 Equality and Inclusion Professionalism Hours of CPD by end of 2020

Starting in 2021, complete 1 EDI hour of CPD per year

Report through Portal
 Report through Portal
Voluntary inclusion questions for licensees

Included every four years in annual reports (voluntary)

In 2022 annual report filed by licensees (first included in 2018)

Requirement to Acknowledge Human Rights Laws (as passed by Convocation on September 11, 2019)

Licensees to acknowledge in accordance with the professional conduct rules, their special responsibility as a lawyer or paralegal to respect the requirements of human rights laws in Ontario and to honour the obligation not to discriminate. (mandatory)

Ongoing in each annual report filed by licensees, beginning in 2019



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