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Lawyer experiential training program enhancements

The Law Society is enhancing the experiential training requirement of the lawyer licencing process:

  • All articling, Law Practice Program (LPP) and Programme de pratique du droit (PPD) placements will be paid in accordance with Law Society requirements, with limited exceptions.
  • Articling, LPP and PPD placements will be further monitored to provide greater oversight.
  • Mandatory training for articling principals and LPP and PPD work placement supervisors will be in effect. 

These enhancements will be in effect May 2021. Additional information will be posted on this page as development progresses.
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Convocation, the Law Society’s governing board, approved the enhancements in December 2018. In addition to the enhancements, Convocation agreed to consider some form of skills testing and to explore, with the legal academy, integrating more experiential learning into the law school experience.


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