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Finding Aid - John Shirley Denison collection (PF7)

John Shirley Denison collection

9 cm of textual records

Biographical Sketch
John Shirley Denison was born in Montreal on July 2nd, 1870, to George Shirley Denison and Julia Isabella Denison (nee Jordon). Denison was admitted as a student-at-law by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1887, and after articling with Newman Wright Hoyles, was called to the Bar in 1892. Denison was appointed a King's Counsel in 1910. Denison served as an elected bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada from 1931 to 1944, and as its Treasurer from 1944 to 1947. Denison died in Toronto on June 28th, 1951.
Scope and Content
Collection consists of records accumulated by John Shirley Denison, a Toronto lawyer. The collection is arranged into three series: records of James Joseph Foy, records of Sir Adam Wilson, and miscellaneous letter and seal. The collection consists of correspondence, certificates, notices, commissions and notebooks, primarily relating to James Joseph Foy and Sir Adam Wilson. Wilson was the adopted father of John Shirley Denison's mother, Julia Isabella Jordan. The collection also includes a Seal of George III and a letter from Edmund Yates.

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PF7-1 Records of James Joseph Foy

11 p.

Scope and Content
Series consists of correspondence sent to James J. Foy, regarding investment matters and western lands.
Reference code / Title / Date
985175-1-1 Letter from Archbishop Taché. -- 20 Mar. 1882
985175-1-2 Letter from D.L. MacPherson. -- 6 Apr. 1882
985043-1-3 Correspondence from Sir Charles Tupper. -- 1888, 1894
985043-1-4 Letter from Charles H. Tupper. -- 3 Aug. 1885

PF7-2 Records of Sir Adam Wilson

8 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of records relating to the life and career of Adam Wilson. The series includes an articles of clerkship Agreement, a call to the Bar certificate, commissions relating to militia appointments and his appointment as a Queen's Counsel, correspondence, a printed complaint, notebooks possibly used by Wilson during his term in the Legislative Assembly to record his thoughts and quotations for future speeches, a notice of dissolution of the partnership between W.W. Baldwin and Robert Baldwin, and a notice from the Halifax Post Office.

Reference code / Title / Date
985175-2-1 Admission fee receipt. -- 25 Apr. 1834
985042-2-2 Articles of clerkship agreement. -- 1834-1839
985042-2-3 Call to the Bar certificate. -- 17 June 1839
985128-2-4 Commission appointing Adam Wilson a Lieutenant in Toronto Militia. -- 16 Dec. 1847
985127-2-5 Commission appointing Adam Wilson a Captain in Toronto Militia. -- 14 Apr. 1851
985175-2-6 Commission appointing Adam Wilson a Queen's Counsel. -- Nov. 1850
985126-2-7 Complaint of Alexander Davidson, of Hamilton, U.C., anent the maladministration of the law by Miles O'Reilly as Queen's Counsel, under the late government. – 1863
985042-2-8 Correspondence from John Sandfield Macdonald. -- Dec. 1862
985042-2-9 Letter from Justice Robert E. Burns. -- 6 Dec. 1862
985042-2-10 Letter from C.S. Patterson. -- 19 Feb. 1863
985175-2-11 Letter from Fred Cumberland. -- 12 Jan. 1863
985175-2-12 Correspondence from Alexander Mackenzie. – 1863
985175-2-13 Letter from Bishop John Joseph Lynch. -- 2 Mar. 1863
985175-2-14 Letter from Oliver Mowat. -- 25 Nov. 1862
991033-2-15 Notebook. – 1860
991033-2-16 Notebook. – 1860
991033-2-17 Notebook. – 1861
991033-2-18 Notebook. -- [1861 or 1862]
991033-2-19 Notebook. – 1862
985175-2-20 Notice re dissolution of partnership. -- 18 Mar. 1840
985175-2-21 Notice from Halifax Post Office. – 1842

PF7-3 Miscellaneous letter and seal

1803, 1870
2 p.

Scope and Content
Series consists of a Seal of George III torn from a parchment document, and a letter from Edmund Yates, a Victorian novelist, to one Claxton.
Reference code / Title / Date
985175-3-1 Seal of George III. – 1803
985175-3-2 Letter from Edmund Yates. -- 27 Nov. 1870
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