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Finding Aid - Mélanie Brunet fonds (PF172)

Mélanie Brunet fonds


17 cm of textual records
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of questionnaires, and related consent forms, completed by former law students that attended Osgoode Hall Law School, Dalhousie Law School, Université Laval, and Université de Montréal, between the years 1920 and 1980. The information from the questionnaires was collected by Mélanie Brunet as part of her doctoral project entitled "Gender, legal education and professional identity formation in Canada, 1920-1980". Her research focused on gender, professional socialization, and student culture in Canadian law schools. The research project culminated in her dissertation, "Becoming lawyers: gender, legal education and professional identity formation in Canada, 1920-1980".

Respondents were asked about their families, educational and vocational background, as well as their experiences in law school, articling, and early career. One hundred and six (106) questionnaires were accumulated, 84 of which are in English, while 22 are in French. Ninety (90) questionnaires were submitted by male respondents, and 16 by female respondents. Of the 106 respondents, 49 attended Osgoode Hall Law School, 34 attended Dalhousie Law School, 16 attended Université de Montréal, and 7 attended Université Laval.

A first group of respondents were recruited in the fall of 2003 through a notice placed in various professional newsletters and alumni magazines. A second group was recruited in the fall of 2004 when 495 letters were sent to law professors and legal practitioners who had graduated from one of the four law schools in the study. One hundred and sixty-three individuals expressed an interest to participate and were sent a questionnaire. A total of 131 questionnaires were returned, with most participants attending law school in the 1960s or 1970s. Following the completion of the study, eighteen questionnaires were destroyed and six returned to the respondents in accordance with the restrictions they indicated on the consent form.

The anonymity of the respondents was maintained by using an assigned code. The first letter of the code is either the letter M or F, to reflect the sex of the respondent. The second letter relates to the university the respondent attended (D = Dalhousie University, L = Université Laval, M = Université de Montréal, O = Osgoode Hall Law School). The number included in the code was assigned based on the order the questionnaire was sent out. The names of those who participated in the study can be found on the consent forms. The names of those who agreed to be acknowledged publicly are included in the bibliography of the dissertation.

The fonds includes questionnaires and copies of signed consent forms for the 106 respondents, as well as examples of the original recruitment letter, follow-up e-mail, letter of information, consent form, and questionnaire (in both English and French).
The records are in both English and French.
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Reference code / Title / Date
2008034-001  Consent forms. -- 2003-2005
2008034-002  Originals: English. -- [2003 or 2004]
2008034-003  Originals: French. -- [2003 or 2004]
2008034-004  Questionnaires: Dalhousie. -- [between 2003 and 2005]
2008034-005  Questionnaires: Laval. -- [between 2003 and 2005]
2008034-006  Questionnaires: Montreal. -- [between 2003 and 2005]
2008034-007  Questionnaires: Osgoode. -- [between 2003 and 2005]
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