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Finding Aid - Raymond and Honsberger fonds (PF33)

Raymond and Honsberger fonds

[ca. 1885]-1989
37 cm of textual records
12 photographs : b&w ; 28.4 x 23.3 cm and smaller

Administrative History
The law firm of DuVernet, Macdonnell and Hanning was established in Toronto, Ontario, in 1889. Over the next few years, both Macdonnell and Hanning would leave the firm. In 1892, James E. Jones joined to form the new firm of DuVernet and Jones. In 1906, W.B. Raymond joined the firm. Jones left the firm in 1910. Shortly after the death of DuVernet in 1915, the firm changed its name to Raymond, Ross and Ardagh. H. Stanley Honsberger came to the firm as an articling student in 1914, and joined the firm a few years later. After Ross left the firm in 1920, the firm became Raymond, Ardagh and Honsberger. When Norman Munnoch joined the firm in 1922, the firm name was changed to Raymond, Honsberger and Munnoch. In 1925, Munnoch resigned, and the name changed to Raymond and Honsberger. John D. Honsberger and Hugh Honsberger, sons of H. Stanley Honsberger, both joined the firm in 1950.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of records of the law firm of Raymond and Honsberger, and its predecessor firms. The fonds includes administrative files relating to the operation of the law firm, annual reports, appointment books, financial records, leases, newsletters, and photographs of former members of the firm. The fonds also includes one sous-fonds, which contains notes of cases journals and reference material of W.B. Raymond.
No restrictions on access.

PF33-1 Administrative files

9.5 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of files maintained for the administration of the law firm. The series documents general office administration, such as rent, purchase of office supplies and equipment, and insurance coverage. The series includes correspondence, invoices, insurance policies, notes, certificates, contracts, draft by-laws, and a manual. Also included are sketches depicting the layout of several firm offices. Several files contain the original envelope in which the documents were filed.
Reference code / Title / Date
2000082-001 Book cases. – 1905
2000082-002 Correspondence re: change in firm name. -- 1915-1916
2000082-003 Correspondence re: DuVernet Trust. – 1917
2000082-004 Correspondence re: rent. -- 1904-1919
2000082-005 Correspondence re: rent. -- 1951-1963
2000082-006 Draft by-laws. -- 1898
2000082-007 Insurance. -- 1959-1967
2000082-008 Insurance policy re: Imperial Underwriters Corporation of Canada. -- 1922
2000082-009 Law Society of Upper Canada certificate re: N.A. Munnoch. -- 1925
2000082-010 Liability of partners. -- 1920
2000082-011 Notary public commission [E.E.A. DuVernet]. -- 1897
2000082-012 Office decorations. -- 1906
2000082-013 Office layout drawings. -- [191-?]
2001042-001 Office manual. -- 1989
2000082-014 Office rent. -- 1907
2000082-015 Office stationery. -- 1904-1909
2000082-016 Telephone contracts. -- 1904-1917
2000082-017 Typewriter inspection contract. -- 1910
2000082-018 United Typewriter Company. -- 1906-1911

PF33-2 Annual reports

1975-1978, 1982-1984
3 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of annual reports of the law firm. The reports document the firm's activities during the past year, the balance of the reserve account, years of service of partners and staff, firm policies, and include the agenda for the annual meeting.
Reference code / Title / Date
2004030-001 Annual report. -- 1975
2001042-002 Annual report for 1976. – 1976
2001042-003 Annual report for 1977. -- 1977
2001042-004 Annual report for 1978. -- 1978
2001042-005 Annual report for 1981. -- 1982
2001042-006 Annual report for 1982. -- 1983
2001042-007 Annual report for 1983. -- 1984

PF33-3 Appointment books

1935, 1942, 1953
6.5 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of appointment books maintained by H. Stanley Honsberger and W.B. Raymond, partners of the firm. The books document firm business at a daily level. The books record activities with regard to particular cases and clients, appointments, and financial notations.
Reference code / Title / Date
2000082-019 Daily journal 1935. – 1935
2000082-020 Daily journal 1942. -- 1942
2000082-021 Appointment book: coronation year 1953. -- 1953

PF33-4 Financial records

6 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of financial records of the firm and its predecessors. Records document the firms' operational expenses, firm and reserve account balances, and financial transactions. The series includes ledger pages, financial statements, cancelled cheques, a cheque stub book, and a chart. Also included are promissory notes written by clients who received financial loans from the firm.
Reference code / Title / Date
2000082-022 Accounts of members of firm. -- 1904-1907
2000082-023 Annual statements. -- 1916-1920
2000082-024 Cancelled cheques. -- 1948-1949
2000082-025 Cheque stub book. -- 1951-1952
2000082-026 Comparison of firm statements for years 1954, 1955 and 1956. -- [1957?]
2000082-027 Expense chart. -- [between 1915 and 1935]
2003042-001 Invoices and receipts. -- 1956
2000082-028 Promissory notes and securities due firm. -- 1890-1925
2000082-029 Statement of accounts, 1898. -- 1898
2000082-030 Statements of account. -- 1948-1949
2000082-031 Statement of operations. -- 1957
2000082-032 Statement of Raymond and Honsberger reserve account. -- 1956

PF33-5 Leases

1899-1933, 1951-1956
2 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of leases for the firm and its predecessors. The firm leased office space in the Temple Building, and later the Federal Building in downtown Toronto, Ontario.
Reference code / Title / Date
2000082-033 Leases. -- 1899-1933
2000082-034 Leases. -- 1951-1956

PF33-6 Newsletters

1978-1979, 1989
2 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of newsletters produced by the firm. The "Raymond & Honsberger Newsletter" was an internal staff publication.
Reference code / Title / Date
2001042-008 Newsletter to A.C.G.. -- 1978-1979
2001042-009 Raymond & Honsberger newsletter. -- 1989

PF33-7 Photographs

[between 1935 and 1945]-[1977?]
12 photographs : b&w ; 28.4 x 23.3 cm and smaller

Scope and Content
Series consists of photographs maintained by the law firm of Raymond and Honsberger. The photographs in the series depict former members of the firm, which used to hang in the reception area at the firm office.
Reference code / Title / Date
2011050-01P Photograph of Robert Blakely. -- [1975?]
2011050-02P Photograph of E.E.A. DuVernet. -- Reproduced [1964?]
2011050-03P Photograph of Derek Freeman. -- [1975?]
2011050-04P Photograph of David G. Friend. -- [1960?]
2011050-05P Photograph of James Edmund Jones. -- Reproduced 1964
2011050-06P Photograph of A.H.F. LeFroy. -- Reproduced [1964?]
2011050-07P Photograph of Harriet I. Lewis. -- [1977?]
2011050-08P Photograph of A.McL. MacDonell. -- Reproduced [1964?]
2011050-09P Photograph of James C. McRuer. -- [between 1935 and 1945]
2011050-10P Photograph of N.A. Munnoch. -- Reproduced [1964?]
2011050-11P Photograph of Siegfried Quickert. -- [1965?]
2011050-12P Photograph of D.C. Ross. -- Reproduced [1964?]

PF33-SF1 William Beardsley Raymond sous-fonds

[ca. 1885]-[ca. 1936]
8 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Sous-fonds consists of notes of cases journals and reference material maintained by William Beardsley Raymond. The material is not considered firm records, rather the personal property of Raymond. One of the journals, and much of the reference material, was maintained by Raymond prior to his joining the law firm in 1906.
No restrictions on access.

PF33-SF1-1 Notes of cases journals

[ca. 1885]-[ca.1936]
4 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of notes of cases journals created and maintained by W.B. Raymond. The journals contain notations and citations on legal cases. Several newspaper clippings are glued into one of the journals. The creator established an index to the notes at the beginning of each journal.
Reference code / Title / Date
2000082-035 Notes of cases journal. -- [ca. 1885]-[ca.1900]
2000082-036 Notes of cases journal. -- [ca. 1920]-[ca. 1936]

PF33-SF1-2 Reference material

[1894?]-[ca. 1930]
4 cm of textual records

Scope and Content
Series consists of reference material accumulated and maintained by W.B. Raymond. The majority are booklets relating to handwriting analysis, typewriting evidence, and the use of photography for document analysis. The series also contains an index, possibly created by Raymond, to the book "Disputed Handwriting" by W.E. Hagan, and an annotated copy of "The Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Supreme Court of Ontario".
Reference code / Title / Date
2000082-037 Art of the handwriting expert. – 1900
2000082-038 As seen by an expert. -- [190-?]
2000082-039 Disputed handwriting (Wm. E. Hagan) index. -- [1894?]
2000082-040 Errors in identification of handwriting. – 1914
2000082-041 Expert testimony from the standpoint of the witness. – 1905
2000082-042 Ink and questioned documents. – 1908
2000082-043 Instruments and illustrations in disputed document trials. -- [1915?]
2000082-044 Photography and questioned documents. – 1907
2000082-045 Preparation & presentation of handwriting evidence: a memorandum of statutes and judgments, with comments and suggestions. -- [ca. 1930]
2000082-046 Proof of handwriting & proposed reform in use of expert testimony. – 1912
2000082-047 Rules of practice and procedure of the Supreme Court of Ontario (in civil matters). – 1913
2000082-048 Typewriting as evidence. – 1908 
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