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Finding Aid - Reginae M. Tait fonds (PF50)

Reginae M. Tait fonds

1939, 1958-2006
31 cm of textual records
21 photographs

Biographical Sketch
Reginae Mae Tait (nee Stapleford) was born to Richard Homer and Lily Mae Stapleford on July 9th, 1910, in Watford, Ontario. Tait took her elementary and secondary education in Watford, before continuing on to London Normal School in 1930-1931 and completed her education with undergraduate courses at the University of Western Ontario. She married George Edward Tait in 1938 and had one son.
Throughout her early career, Tait taught elementary and junior high school in Windsor (1931-1938) and taught summer art courses in St. Thomas, London and Sarnia, Ontario. She also traveled with her husband, and spent three years as assistant director of the Anglo-American school in Bogotá, Columbia (1941-1944). She was responsible for establishing a library in the West Indies.
Outside her teaching career, Tait was active in many societies. She founded the National Committee on the Status of Women; was the National President of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (1970-72) and honorary vice-president (1973); Governor and first female executive member of Frontier College (1969-79); President of the Health League of Canada (1979-82); Canadian National Exhibition Association member (1969-80), director (1980-87) and honorary director (1987), and served as the representative from the Law Society of Upper Canada (1980-86). She was Vice-President for Canada at the Commonwealth Countries League in London, England (1970-1989); Executive member of the National Action Committee, Status of Women (1965-79), Board member and direct council for Canadian Unity (1974-1981); Director of Sir William House Foundation (1978-80); and, an executive member of the John Graves Simcoe Foundation.
Tait served as a lay bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada from 1974 to1987. She was one of the two female lay benchers appointed to the Law Society in 1974. During her time as a lay bencher, Tait served as Chair of the Muniments and Memorabilia Committee and played a large role in the installation of the stained glass windows in Convocation Hall in Osgoode Hall, even staying on after her bencher duties were complete to finish the project. The committee was also responsible for the creation of the Law Society's archives and museum of law. Although the Muniments and Memorabilia Committee was her main focus, Tait was also a member of the Legal Aid Committee and the Complaints Review Committee.
Tait's contributions to society have not gone unrecognized. She was the recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal in 1977, Fellowship of the Frontier College in 1980 and the Order of Canada in 2002. Tait passed away on September 19th, 2012.
Scope and Content
Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by Reginae M. Tait, primarily during the period of time she served as a lay bencher for the Law Society of Upper Canada (1974-1987). The records are arranged according to Tait's personal collection, records pertaining to her activities as Chair of the Muniments and Memorabilia Committee, with a special emphasis on the installation of the stained glass windows illustrating the history of law in Canada, and records created and received from her position as a lay bencher. Records include correspondence, memorandums, manuals, agendas, speeches, pamphlets, greeting cards, reports, notes, news clippings, articles, financial records and photographs.
Access to Law Society records requires the permission of the corporate secretary. All other material is open to research.

PF50-1 Personal records

2.5 cm of textual records
3 photographs

Scope and Content
Series consists of records created and maintained by Reginae Tait during her activities outside of the Law Society of Upper Canada. The series includes correspondence, speeches, articles written by Tait and others, notes, as well as newspaper clippings, information about being an Order of Canada recipient, a poem, a color photograph of a co-worker.
Reference code / Title / Date
2005031-001 Articles and news clippings. -- 1958-1991
2005031-002 Card from Roland Michener. -- [ca. 1971]
2005031-003 Correspondence. -- 1976-1996
2006031-001 Correspondence from Christopher Wallis. -- 1999-2006
2006031-002 "Give us grace". -- [1979?]
2005031-004 Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. -- 1962-1963
2005031-005 The Order of Canada. -- 2002-2003
2006031-003 Remarks for first tour of Osgoode Hall for R. Ferguson, bencher and seven students (grades 11, 12, 13) from Midland and surrounding towns. -- 1988
2006031-004 Remarks to legal aid dinner, Convocation Hall, Osgoode Hall. -- 9 Apr. 1999
2005031-006 Tours of Osgoode Hall. -- 1988-1989

PF50-2 Muniments and Memorabilia Committee

1979-1989, [2006?]
16.5 cm of textual records
15 photographs

Scope and Content
Series consists of records relating to Reginae Tait's involvement with the Muniments and Memorabilia Committee. The records document the creation of both the archives and museum of law, as well as committee meetings, reports to Convocation, budgets and correspondence concerning such topics as a portrait of the Queen Mother and Osgoode Hall class photographs. The series consists of one sub-series, containing records relating to the stained-glass window installation project.
Reference code / Title / Date
2005031-007 Archives records. -- 1980-1987
2005031-008 Budgets. -- 1981-1988
2005031-009 Correspondence. -- 1979-1988
2005031-010 Meeting material. -- 1980-1989
2005031-011 Museum records. -- 1986-1988
2005031-012 Reports to Convocation. -- 1982-1987
2006031-005 "Wolford letters" and note. -- 1986, [2006?]

PF50-2-1 Stained Glass Windows Project

8 cm of textual records
15 photographs

Scope and Content
Sub-series consists of records relating to the stained glass window project of the Muniments and Memorabilia Committee. Records include the contract between the Law Society of Upper Canada and Christopher Wallis, designer of the stained glass windows; personal correspondence with Christopher Wallis; Barry Pepper's comments, project funding and donations, information about the dedication ceremonies, the background of the stained glass windows project, general correspondence about the project, color photographs of the windows, the competition for window designer, the competition for the filming of the installation of the windows and a pamphlet. The project began in 1982 and was completed in 1989.
Reference code / Title / Date
2005031-07P Photographs of stained glass windows. -- 1986-1987
2005031-013 Background information. -- 1980-1990
2005031-014 Comments on Barry Pepper's submission to the archives of the Law Society of Upper Canada on the Stained Glass Windows in Convocation Hall. -- [198-]
2005031-015 Competition for designers. -- 1981-1984
2005031-016 Contracts. -- 1985-1986
2005031-017 Correspondence with Christopher Wallis. -- 1982-1997
2005031-018 Dedication ceremonies. -- 1986-1988
2006031-006 Dedication of first stained glass window in Convocation Hall. -- 13 Nov. 1986
2005031-019 Filming of the installation competition. -- 1986-1987
2005031-020 Funding and donations. -- 1986-1987
2005031-021 General correspondence. -- 1983-1989
2005031-022 Pamphlet. – 1989
2006031-007 Speech to legal aid luncheon. -- 16 Dec. 1987

PF50-3 Lay bencher records

12 cm of textual records
1 photograph

Scope and Content
Series consists of records relating to Reginae Tait's other activities as a lay bencher for the Law Society of Upper Canada. The series includes copies of speeches, information about Tait being appointed a lay bencher, correspondence, information accumulated while she was a representative at the Canadian National Exhibition Association, comments on Christopher Moore's book "The Law Society of Upper Canada and Ontario's Lawyers 1797-1997", The Law Society Act: regulations and rules, suggestions for Continuing Legal Education, and a photograph of the benchers.
Reference code / Title / Date
2005031-08P Photograph of attendees at dinner honouring John D. Bowlby. -- Nov. 1983
2005031-023 Appointment of lay benchers. -- 1975-1983
2005031-024 Canadian National Exhibition Association. -- 1982-1987
2005031-025 Continuing Legal Education. -- 1981-1985
2005031-026 Correspondence and reports. -- 1978-1989
2005031-027 Correspondence concerning Christopher Moore's book. – 1997
2005031-028 Legal Aid Committee. -- 1979-1985
2005031-029 Legal Aid Committee manual. – 1985
2006031-008 Speech given at dinner honoring Reginae Tait. -- 28 May 1987
2005031-030 Speeches. -- 1975-1987
2005031-031 The Law Society Act, Regulations and Rules. -- 1983
2005031-032 Toronto Scottish Regiment programme. – 1974

PF50-4 Photographs

2 photographs : b&w ; 49.5 x 41 cm

Scope and Content
Series consists of miscellaneous photographs accumulated by Reginae Tait.
Reference code / Title / Date
P1385 Photograph of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. -- 19 May 1939
P1386 Photograph of Queen Elizabeth. – 1939
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