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Historic Discipline Data Project

In late 2011, the Heritage Committee began a project to identify the disciplinary records in the custody of the Law Society’s archives, to document the discipline process and the types of disciplinary actions the Law Society took historically, and to provide greater access to the public historic information.  

The first phase of the project was to identify the sets of records in the custody of the Law Society’s archives that contain disciplinary information. A Table of Resources was compiled that lists these sources.

The second stage of the project was to index the discipline matters recorded in the Published Minutes of Convocation and to make a chronological listing of the discipline matters for the period 1879 to 1913 available to researchers. The listing records:

  • the name of the person against whom the complaint was made or disciplinary action was taken
  • their birth date (when known)
  • the date of their call to the Bar (if a barrister)
  • the date of the disciplinary matter as it appears in the Published Minutes of Convocation
  • particulars of the complaint or reasons for the disciplinary action (if known)
  • a description of the disciplinary hearing or action taken by the Discipline Committee
  • the outcome of the disciplinary matter
  • the type of member of the Law Society (those recorded as a Barrister were both a barrister and a solicitor, while those recorded as a Solicitor were solely a solicitor)
  • notes about the entries.

Many of the individuals in the pre-1910 period were not identified by name, or were recorded simply as initials.

To request a copy of the chronological listing, or for questions about the project, please contact: Paul Leatherdale, Archivist, at or 416-947-3320. 


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