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Oral History Interviews

Oral history interviews provide unique insight into the memories, lives and careers of individuals. The Archives of the Law Society of Ontario contains records documenting several oral history interviews of Ontario lawyers and judges that have taken place over the years. Transcripts of the interviews exist for each, and in some cases, there are associated audio and video recordings.

Treasurers Oral History Project

In 2004, the Heritage Committee undertook an oral history project to interview three former Treasurers of the Law Society. Alison Forrest and Dr. Allison Kirk-Montgomery conducted a series of interviews with John D. Arnup (1911-2005), Laura Legge (1923-2010), and Brendan O’Brien (1909-2007). Transcripts of the interviews can be found through the following links:

 John Arnup transcripts

 Laura Legge transcripts

 Brendan O'Brien transcripts


Diversifying the Bar

The Diversifying the Bar: Lawyers Make History project, also coordinated by the Heritage Committee, seeks to document the biographies and recorded memories of ground-breaking lawyers of diverse communities. Dr. Allison Kirk-Montgomery, who served as Project Manager, conducted interviews with several lawyers and judges from diverse backgrounds. Transcripts of interviews with the following can be found at the Diversifying the Bar - Oral History Interviews webpage: 

  •    Boland, Hon. Janet
  •    Chiang, Dorinda
  •    Espinet, Thora
  •    Geller, John
  •    Meyer, Lucy (widow of Willem Meyer)
  •    Ogunmefun, Kemi
  •    Opekokew, Delia
  •    Paul, Nicholas
  •    Stortini, Hon. Ray
  •    Shannon, David
  •    Watkins, Christopher
  •    Yaremko, John 


In addition to the above mentioned interviews, researchers visiting the archives can access oral history interviews of the following Ontario lawyers and judges:

  • Arnup, Justice John D. (1982-1983 and 1994 interviews)
  • Finlayson, George D. (1988 interview)
  • Glenn, Justice Lucy (2004 interview)
  • Griffiths, Hon. W.D. (1996 interview)
  • Holland, Hon. R.E. (1996-1997 interviews)
  • Loukidelis, Justice Ernest
  • Loukidelis, Spyros (1994 interview)
  • Marshman, Justice Mary (2004 interview)
  • McGowan, Justice Katie (2004 interview)
  • McKeon, Charles (1996 interviews)
  • McLean, Mary Constance Hunt (2007 interviews)
  • Paul, Nicholas P.
  • Pepper, Barry (1994 interview)
  • Rady, Justice Helen (2004 interview)
  • Reid, Hon. Robert (1994 interview)
  • Robinette, John J. (1987 interview)
  • Sopinka, Justice John (1996 interview)
  • Templeton, Justice Lynda (2004 interview)
  • Van Camp, Justice Mabel (1994 interview)


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