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Art and Artifacts


The art collection of the Law Society of Ontario consists of almost 400 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints. The core of the collection are the portraits of the Chiefs Justices of Ontario and the Treasurers of the Law Society. Started in 1846, it continues to grow as new Treasurers and Chief Justices are immortalized.

Corporate and government portrait collections are not rare in Canada but the Law Society’s is one of the earliest and most cohesive. Today the collection provides an invaluable account of the evolution of portraiture in Canada. It is an extensive record of individuals who shaped our judicial institutions and in many cases also changed the course of Canadian history.

The portraits are hung throughout Osgoode Hall; many can be seen in the public areas of the building. Download our free app to discover the collection.


The Law Society of Ontario collects artifacts relating to the legal profession in Ontario, the Law Society, and Osgoode Hall. Holdings include objects relating to the practice of law, such as legal robes, office equipment and supplies; artifacts that speak to the history of the Law Society and the early years of Osgoode Hall Law School such as the 1898 Ontario Hockey Association Champions trophy hockey stick won by the Osgoode Hall Law School team; and items that document the evolution of Osgoode Hall, such as fragments of the fence and furniture.

For more information on the art and artifact collections, please email the Curator, Elise Brunet.

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