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These Laid the World Away: The World War I Memorial at Osgoode Hall


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At the east end of the Great Library at Osgoode Hall stands a dramatic reminder of Ontario lawyers’ patriotism. The First World War memorial, a work by Toronto sculptor Frances Loring, provides the focus for the Law Society of Ontario’s Remembrance Day service every second year. This online exhibition, based mostly on archival materials from the Law Society’s own collections, tells the story of the making of the memorial and describes the context of its creation.


The World War One section lists links to resources on the First World War.

The Memorial section reviews the history of the memorial, from its inception in 1916, to the corrections (including one name removal and the addition of others) to the honour roll that took place up to several decades after the unveiling.

The Law Society at War section looks at the Society’s contribution to the war effort, at the impact of the conflict on the organization, and at the adjustment to the post-war period, including the measures taken to ease the veterans’ return to the profession.

The Honour Roll section provides profiles of the lawyers and law students who died in the war and whose names appear on the memorial. Photographs were provided when available, otherwise their Law Society records were scanned.

The Glossary contains definitions of the Law Society terminology used in the text. 

Terms or Concepts Explained