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Key Trends and Financials

With over 66,000 members, a number of subsidiaries and forty-plus programs and services, the Law Society includes many diverse business lines. Read more about our 2020 financials and operations below.


Financial Statements

The Law Society managed the challenges it faced in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ending the year in a financially sound position and well-placed for the future.

In response to the pandemic, the Law Society implemented initiatives in 2020 to assist members and to reduce the overall cost of its operations. Looking forward to 2021, these initiatives, including the 2021 Annual Fee COVID-19 Deferral Option for eligible members, will continue to assist lawyers and paralegals dealing with the burdens of the pandemic.

Learn more in the 2020 Financial Statements Report. 


Professional Development and Competence

The Professional Development and Competence Division is responsible for the Law Society’s licensing and competence functions. Beginning with ensuring entry-level competence through the licensing process, the division supports paralegals and lawyers throughout their careers with:

  • practice supports and resources
  • legal information services
  • continuing professional development
  • quality assurance.

Learn more in the division’s 2020 Program and Resource Report and Licensing Statistics Report.  


Professional Regulation

The Professional Regulation Division is responsible for the Law Society’s core regulatory processes. The division’s activities include:

  • responding to and investigating complaints about lawyers and paralegals
  • prosecuting breaches of the Law Society’s Rules, By-Laws and Act
  • monitoring and enforcing orders
  • acting as trustees in circumstances of the illness or death of a lawyer or paralegal
  • compensating clients in circumstances of dishonesty.

Learn more in the division’s 2020 Year End Report and the Regulatory Statistics Report.


Client and People Services

The Client & People Services Division focuses on the provision of information and support for lawyers and paralegals, members of the public, Law Society staff and a diverse range of external stakeholders. The division is made up of the Office of the Executive Director and the following departments:

  • Client Service Centre

    • Call Centre

    • Complaints and Compliance

    • By-law Administration

    • Law Society Referral Service

    • Membership Services

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Portfolio Management Office

  • Catering.

The Client Service Centre (CSC) is the Law Society’s first point of contact for lawyers and paralegals and members of the public, and it supports the initial intake for complaints. Many people who contact the Law Society can have their questions answered and have their requirements met, all within the CSC. In 2020, the Law Society regulated 56,953 lawyers and 9,607 paralegals and received 5,808 complaints.

Learn more in the CEO’s 2020 Operations Report and the division’s Membership Statistics Report.

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