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CEO's message

Diana Miles HeadshotThe Law Society continued to make substantial progress on key initiatives in 2021, despite the ever-changing landscape of the pandemic. Opportunities arose through the disruptions that supported the acceleration of our modernization and efficiency efforts, and our team made adjustments that continued to increase our effectiveness as an organization.

These efforts focused primarily on streamlining processes and reducing member and internal administrative burdens. We significantly updated the Annual Report Filing, reducing the number of questions and introducing auto-filled content and other efficiencies — all of which were well received by members. We also modernized and modified our practice review and spot audit protocols to ensure we continue to fulfil our obligations as a regulator in a proportionate manner.

In support of our goal to maintain a gold standard regulatory model, Professional Regulation introduced structural and process improvements. These included streamlined risk management and early intervention protocols, new approaches to working with Indigenous complainants, and improved processes to manage emergent issues, such as mental health and capacity matters.

A significant change arising directly from the pandemic was the development of a new workforce model that involves a combination of hybrid, remote and on-site work arrangements. The experience of the last two years has shown us that introducing this type of flexibility supports wellness and balance for Law Society team members while still maintaining productivity and engagement.

Looking ahead, we have now laid the groundwork for future positive impacts in regulatory innovation and modernization activities with a number of initiatives, including the Access to Innovation pilot project.

The development of a 2022 budget that reduces member fees while maintaining our solid long-term financial position ensured the momentum of 2021 will continue to move our strategic priorities forward in the coming year.

At the core of this progress, and the resilience demonstrated by the Law Society over the last year, is our team and the values we work by. The 2021 employee survey shows high engagement and great support for our corporate values. I have no doubt that compassion and unity in purpose have enabled our team to remain connected and enhance the quality of our services, despite the upheaval of the pandemic. Our corporate values are pictured below. These values are applied by our team every day, in all things we strive to achieve.

Also crucial to our successes was the leadership of Treasurer Teresa Donnelly and our board members. I thank them for their support over the last year.

Certainly, there are challenges ahead due to the pandemic, but I am encouraged by all that was achieved in 2021. The Law Society team continues to show that it is incredibly resilient and highly dedicated. As an organization, we share a vision for the Law Society as a progressive, modern regulator, focused on ensuring proportionate regulation while protecting the public interest.

Diana Miles, Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Values
We adapt quickly to the evolving needs of the public and legal professions. 
We are proud of the work we do and the meaningful role we play in support of the public interest.
We are genuinely interested in the needs of one another, and the public.
United in Purpose
We are one team that works together to achieve our shared goals.
We act with integrity to be the regulatory gold standard.
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