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Reducing the length of a Placement

A reduction or abridgment to the experiential training requirement is only available if you choose to article. The 8-month Law Practice Program cannot be reduced or shortened.

There are two ways to reduce the length of the 10-month articling program:  

  • An abridgement based on compassionate grounds
    The Licensing and Accreditation Department may approve an abridgment of the articling placement based on compassionate grounds for a period of up to six weeks. Compassionate grounds may include family responsibilities, prolonged illness or injury or any other ground deemed compassionate by the Licensing and Accreditation Department.

    To apply for an abridgment based on compassionate grounds, no fee or special fomr is required. Please submit the following:
    1. A letter of request from you indicating the reasons for the abridgment, including relevant supporting medical documentation; and
    2. A letter from your principal or the principal’s law firm indicating the start date of the articling placement and the total number of vacation and sick days taken to the date of the request. This letter must be forwarded directly by the principal or principal's law firm to the Law Society’s articling office by regular mail, email or facsimile.
    Granting of an abridgment, based on compassionate grounds is discretionary. The approval process takes approximately 2 weeks once all required documentation is filed.
  • An abridgement based on prior legal experience

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