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Finding a Candidate

Recruitment Procedures and fair hiring practices

The Law Society sets out Recruitment Procedures governing the recruitment of articling candidates across the province of Ontario, which are binding on articling principals and licensing process candidates. The dates mentioned in these recruitment procedures are specific to each licensing cycle, and as such, are updated on a yearly basis.  Please note that these procedures set out the earliest date on which certain recruitment activity can take place in any given year, and are only applicable to that specific licensing cycle. You can of course, choose to hire after the earliest prescribed dates set out in the recruitment procedures.

As an articling principal you are expected to engage in a recruitment process that is free from harassment and discrimination. The Law Society sets out guidance on this matter in its Fair Hiring Practice Guidelines, and its tip sheet on Preventing and Addressing Harassment and Discrimination: Important Information for Principals. Articling principals are encouraged to review the above documents when contemplating the hiring of an articling student.

Find out more about the Recruitment Procedures.


The Law Society offers the following resources to assist articling principals to find an articling candidate. Only employers who are offering a paid articling placement may use these resources.

Articling Registry

 The articling registry enhances awareness of available articling placements for Ontario articling candidates. Law firms, legal organizations, law students and licensing candidates may use the registry for finding paid articling placements.

If you wish to create a job posting for an articling placement, please ensure that a member of your organization is eligible to act as an articling principal prior to creating a job posting.

Biographical paragraphs

Candidates may submit a one paragraph summary of their qualifications via the Biographical Paragraph Submission Form to articling for distribution to potential employers and others who have contacted our office in search of an articling candidate. 

If you are an employer who is able to offer paid articling placements and would like a copy of these biographical summaries, please contact our office via email to

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