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2022-23 Lawyer Licensing Process Fees Schedule

Fees Are Subject to Applicable Taxes and Are Subject to Change

Revised and finalized October 28, 2021

Application Fees (non-refundable)

Individuals who request to be reinstated after being withdrawn from the licensing process, will be invoiced the Application Fee upon reinstatement.

Application Fee


Late Application Filing Fee


Licensing Examination Fees

Barrister Licensing Examination (Examination only)


Solicitor Licensing Examination (Examination only)


Study Material*

(This fee will be charged for each set of digital study materials for the licensing year. The fee will be charged for solicitor materials and an additional fee for barrister materials.)


*Candidates rewriting or deferring an examination to a subsequent Licensing Cycle are required to purchase the new digital study materials. Once study materials are paid and digital access is provided, study material fees are non-refundable.

Experiential Training Program Fees**

Articling Program/Law Practice Program


Application for Exemption from the Experiential Training Program


Application for Abridgement of Articles based on prior legal experience 


Application for National or International Articles 


** Candidates must pay the Experiential Training Fee, which goes towards the costs of administering experiential training programs for lawyer licensing candidates. The invoice for this fee is posted to your Law Society account and is payable by the deadline. Please note that the experiential training fee for the Articling Program is not refundable once you commence the Articling Program. More information may be found on the Financial Assistance webpage.

Applicant Licensing Fee

Administrative call fee (application for L1 Licensing-attendance not required)


Ceremonial call fee (application for L1 Licensing- attendance required) $250

Administrative Fees for the Monthly Payment Plan

Five-month Payment Plan Fee


Ten-month Payment Plan Fee


Incidental Fees

Late filing of any document submitted 
(Includes transcripts, NCA Certificates, Articling Forms, Call to the Bar forms, or other Licensing Process forms) 


Replacement of a Call to the Bar certificate (L1 Licence) ***


Official copy of Licensing Process transcript 
(Provided directly to a third party upon written request from the candidate/licensee) 


Unofficial copy of Licensing Process transcript  


Replacement of Candidate photo identification card  


Replacement Tax Receipt  


*** A replacement certificate should be requested from the Membership Department at the Law Society.

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