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Law Practice Program


On December 10, 2018, the Law Society of Ontario’s governing body approved an option for lawyer licensing that retains both Articling and the Law Practice Program/Programme de Pratique du droit (LPP/PPD) as two transitional pathways to licensing. 

Candidates entering or currently registered in the Law Society’s Lawyer Licensing Process may choose from two experiential training paths that include either the Articling Program or the LPP/PPD. Both of these training paths will satisfy the experiential training component of the Lawyer Licensing Process. 

The LPP consists of a four-month training course and a four-month work placement. Candidates who select the LPP experiential training path must complete both the training course and the work placement. The program runs consecutively from late August/early September until the end of April. Presently, Ryerson University provides the English program and the University of Ottawa provides the French program. 

The candidates are to check the website under Dates to Remember and their online account for updates on the LPP and relevant dates and deadlines.

The Law Practice Program at Ryerson University

The Law Practice Program at Ryerson University will run for 8 months typically from the end of August of one year to the end of April of the following year. The experiential interactive training program will run from late August to December and the workplace training will run from early January to the end of April in the following year. The LPP at Ryerson builds skills through simulated online work experience for the first 4 months.   The simulated experience builds and develops the skills needed for today, and tomorrow, through experts, mentors and workshops while working on files with actors in a simulated law firm.  The workplace training further develops the skills in the workplace setting. It is with an approved employer found with the assistance of the LPP or by the Candidate.

If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and wish to participate in the LPP, please see the LPP website for Immigration Refugees and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC) document requirements.

Candidates are also encouraged to regularly consult Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program for more information.

The Programme de Pratique du droit at the University of Ottawa

The Law Practice Program at the University of Ottawa will be held from early September to the end of April. The training course component will run from early September to the end of December and the work placements will run from early January to the end of April of the following year. The LPP at the University of Ottawa provides intensive, hands-on training in a smaller group format. Once finalized, specific dates for the LPP at the University of Ottawa will be posted on the Dates to Remember page. Candidates are to note there will be a mandatory online orientation during the last week of August.

The University of Ottawa requires that candidates enrolled in the LPP be fluent in French in order to maximize success in the interactions, skills activities and assessments. Candidates who have not previously studied law in French will be required to successfully complete a language proficiency examination before being accepted into the French LPP. The proficiency examination will be administered by the University of Ottawa. Please contact for further details. Candidates are encouraged to check the University of Ottawa’s Law Practice Program website in English or French

Law Practice Program/ Programme de Pratique du droit (LPP/PPD) Refund Policy

Candidates seeking to transfer from the Law Practice Program to the Articling Program may do so within the same licensing cycle without penalty. Please note that candidates may not transfer into an Articling placement after completing the LPP; nor can they commence the LPP after completing a full-term articling placement. Candidates seeking to otherwise withdraw from the Law Practice Program are advised of the following deadlines:

Withdrawal Date

Experiential Training

Fee Refund Policy

Refund Deadline

Ryerson LPP

Refund Deadline

University of Ottawa LPP

Within the first 2 weeks

of the LPP




After the first 2 weeks but within the first 4 weeks of the LPP




After the first 4 weeks of the LPP

No Refund to be issued as of this date onward



For further information, please contact the Law Society through your online account or at

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