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Registration and Scheduling

In order to register for and schedule a licensing examination, candidates who have met the licensing process application requirements to become an active candidate must do the following:

  1. select the licensing examination either on the Licensing Process Application at the time of application or on the Request for Registration or Deferment Form (for lawyers or for paralegals) and submit such document on or before the applicable deadline;
  2. pay the fee for the study materials applicable to that licensing year (note that a licensing year is not the same as a calendar year) on or before the licensing examination’s registration deadline;
  3. pay the licensing examination fee on or before the licensing examination’s registration deadline; and
  4. schedule the licensing examination with the online licensing examination provider according to the instructions provided by the Law Society through the candidate’s online account on or before the deadlines provided.

Candidates who have registered for a licensing examination will receive scheduling instructions approximately 4 weeks before the first test window of that licensing examination. The message will include the link to schedule the online examination with the provider. There are limited slots available for each day and time. Candidates must ensure that their personal email on file with the Law Society is correct and that their email is set up to allow (and not block) emails from

When making a date and time selection through the provider’s website, candidates must ensure that they enter

  • their candidate identification number (available in their online account);
  • their full legal first name and last name as reflected in the candidate’s online account; and
  • the personal email address on file with the Law Society.

If any of this information is entered incorrectly, candidates will either be unable to schedule a licensing examination with the provider or will be unable to write a licensing examination. When scheduling their licensing examination date and time, candidates should be mindful that they will need some time before their scheduled start time for login and prescreening procedures.

Candidates should also ensure that they do not arrange commitments for themselves for at least two to three hours after their expected licensing examination end time, in case they experience challenges logging in, an unexpected power or Internet outage, enhanced pre-screening protocols, etc.

Licensing examinations cannot be scheduled to commence before 8 a.m. Eastern Time or end after 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Candidates who wish to defer their licensing examination must meet the deferral deadline and submit the Request for Registration or Deferment Form (for lawyers or for paralegals).

Candidates who are unsuccessful and must re-register for a later sitting of the licensing examination must meet the posted deadlines for the next sitting.

Candidates who require accommodations for the licensing examination based on a ground listed in the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19, must review the information available on the Accommodations page (for lawyers or for paralegals) and meet the accommodation request deadlines. Candidates who received an accommodation when the licensing examination was offered in person or was of a different duration should contact the accommodations team for assistance.

For further information regarding the licensing examinations, please visit the main Licensing Examinations page (for lawyers or for paralegals).

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