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Sample Licensing Examination Questions

2021-22 Sample Barrister Examination
2021-22 Sample Solicitor Examination
2021-22 Sample Paralegal Examination

Correct answers to the items that appear in the software are set out below:


1. Report the incident to the Law Society of Ontario.
2. When the potential client first contacts the lawyer.
3. Provide a risk assessment and explore Oscar’s settlement expectations.
4. Review the disclosure material with the client.
5. Waive Tracy’s right to a preliminary inquiry and set the trial date.
6. Explore various forms of alternative dispute resolution with David.
7. Provide David with estimates on the various courses of action.
8. Obtain David’s instructions as to how he wants to have the letter delivered to him.
9. An HRTO decision can be reconsidered by the HRTO. The reconsideration cannot be appealed but may be subject to judicial review.
10. Prepare Amy for her testimony the next day to ensure that she clarifies the timing of ABC’s pricing policies in her evidence.


1. The voting shareholders.
2. Gertrude’s personal care wishes.
3. Complete her obligations.
4. Chantal only.
5. Advise Chantal that a Florida attorney needs to be retained to deal with all U.S.-related issues.
6. Review the account with Chantal.
7. No, because there is a conflict of interest.
8. Where the seller’s real property is located.


1. Ascertain Max’s objectives.
2. She may have to withdraw.
3. When a new party becomes involved in the matter.
4. Copy the client on all correspondence when received and sent.
5. Construction supervisor.
6. A workers' compensation matter.
7. When a prospective client provides confidential information to the paralegal.
8. Only as much information as is necessary to collect his fees.
9. Advise Duane that she cannot deny reasonable requests if his rights are not prejudiced.
10. Education.
11. The prosecution because it bears the burden of proof.
12. Speak to XYZ and Kelvin to determine if they can be jointly represented.
13. That Kelvin has no prior convictions.
14. Send a reporting letter.

Terms or Concepts Explained