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Examination Requirements

Candidates must meet the below requirements.

  1. Read the Rules and Protocol (for lawyers or for paralegals).
  2. Meet the requirements set out in the Rules and Protocol.
  3. Download and install the secure browser before conducting the pre-examination check.
  4. Conduct a technology pre-examination check (for lawyers or for paralegals) in accordance with instructions sent through each eligible candidate’s online account. Typically instructions on the pre-examination check process will be sent approximately 10-15 days prior to the first day of the first window of the licensing examination.
  5. Meet the testing area requirements.
  6. Watch the video about remote proctoring.
  7. Practise with the licensing examination software (with sample questions).
  8. Read the licensing examination instructions and Candidate Agreement before the licensing examination.
  9. Set up the computer and smartphone.
  10. Meet Internet speed and stability requirements during the licensing examination.
  11. On the day of the licensing examination, accept the Candidate Agreement.
  12. Access only permitted items during the licensing examination (note that writing tools are not permitted in the testing area and the only permitted electronic devices are the ones specified in the Rules and Protocol).
  13. Not engage in prohibited actions.

The pre-examination check process referenced above must be completed on the computer that will be used to write the licensing examination and in the testing area where the candidate will be taking the licensing examination.

Candidates may ask MonitorEDU questions about the proctoring process and technical requirements before the licensing examination day; candidates should be aware, however, that MonitorEDU proctors many different organizations, so candidates should ensure that they in any event comply with the minimum requirements set out in the Rules and Protocol. MonitorEDU may be reached through the 24/7 live chat line at

The video about remote proctoring is provided in English by MonitorEDU. Candidates may access French captioning by clicking on the settings wheel and selecting French (Canada) subtitles/CC.

There is no substitute for carefully reading, and meeting the requirements set out in, the Rules and Protocol.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to review the Guide to Licensing Examinations (for lawyers or for paralegals) for information on the licensing examination.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to review the barrister licensing examination competencies, solicitor licensing examination competencies, and paralegal licensing examination competencies, as applicable.

For further information regarding the licensing examinations, please visit the main Licensing Examinations page (for lawyers or for paralegals).

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