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Registration Information for Paralegal Candidates Entering the 2019-20 Licensing Cycle

(Revised January 2019)

Welcome to the Paralegal Licensing Process

This section provides information for candidates who have already submitted both parts of the application to the Licensing and Accreditation Department. It contains general information about the Paralegal Licensing Process including the Paralegal Licensing Examination and the study materials. It also contains time sensitive deadlines and dates of importance. You must read this information thoroughly along with the Licensing Process Policies and Licensing Examination Rules and Protocols available online. Please note that deadlines refer to business days, not calendar days, unless otherwise noted. Please refer to the "Dates to Remember" page and your invoices for specific deadline information.

A. Communication with the Law Society
B. Fees and Payment
C. Study Materials and the Candidate Photo Identification Card
D. Paralegal Licensing Examination
E. Good Character
F. Accommodations
G. Licensing
H. Contacting the Law Society

A. Communication with the Law Society

Your online account is the primary means of communicating with the Law Society from the time you submit your application until you become licensed to practise.

You are strongly advised to login to your online account at least once a week to review information from the Law Society regarding the Licensing Process. Fee invoices and receipts, information on Licensing Examinations, examination results, access to study materials and licensing requirements are among the many critical messages sent through your online account. You can also communicate with the Licensing Process staff through your online account. Replies are typically provided within two business days of receipt, except during peak periods. Your username and password must be kept confidential as it is unique to you. Using your online account, you can update your address, check your account balance as well as pay your fees. It is critical that you ensure the contact information in your online account (mailing address, telephone number, email address etc.) is kept up to date at all times.

In your online account you may also view the status of documents you have submitted under your “My Status” page. Please note that the approval of received documents may take up to 10 business days.

You will find your personal and confidential candidate identification number in your online account. You must reference this number when corresponding with the Law Society. 

Please ensure that your candidate identification number, username and password are kept confidential at all times. 

B. Fees and Payment

If you applied by the December application deadline, and submitted all your required supporting documents, information regarding your fees and invoices will be posted in your online account the following  February. Please also review the “Fees and Forms” page which includes the Fees schedule  and important information on available payment methods and options.

You will be sent a separate invoice for each item billed. Each invoice will include a deadline. Please check your account and invoices regularly to ensure you pay by the appropriate deadline(s). If your invoice indicates an issue date that is the same as the due date, payment is due immediately upon receipt. Further deadline information is posted on the Dates to Remember page.

At this time, the fee for the Paralegal Licensing Examination includes one sitting of the Licensing Examination, a copy of the Licensing Examination study materials and the Law Society candidate photo identification card.

Upon receipt of an invoice, please submit payment online by the applicable deadline. 

Payments received by the Law Society are normally applied to a candidate’s balance within 48 hours of payment (with the exception of peak periods in May/June and November/December of each year). Note that in addition to the fees and Statement of Field Placement you submit, all final transcripts must be received by the Law Society from your educational institution prior to the 30 business day deadline in order to be eligible to write the examination.

Monthly Payment Plan 

You may select to pay your Licensing Examination fee in accordance with the Law Society's Monthly Payment Plan. The Monthly Payment Plan section under "Fees and Forms" outlines details of the plan and the deadline to enrol in the plan. Information on how to enrol in this plan will be available in February of each year.

Please carefully review the payment plan selected so that you are aware of when the final payment is to be made, after which point you may be eligible for licensing. 

If you select this payment option all outstanding fees must be paid in full before you are licensed. A non-refundable administrative fee is applicable for this service and is payable upon enrolment in the plan.

C. Study Materials and the Candidate Photo Identification Card

Study materials will be made available after the posted distribution date, provided the study material invoice is paid. You will also be able to pick up materials in person during the scheduled distribution period or place an order online to have the materials shipped. Note that a fee must be paid to the shipping company for this shipping service.

Distribution dates and times are posted on the Dates to Remember page for each Licensing Cycle. Please note that in-person distribution of the materials is only available during the prescribed dates.

All candidates will receive a candidate photo identification card. Those candidates who pick up the materials in person or request a shipment will receive the card at that time. Those downloading materials and printing on their own will pick up their card on the day of the exam at the venue.

If you intend to pick up materials in person, do not place an online shipping request and ensure you have paid your fees before you arrive at the Law Society to pick up materials during the in-person distribution week. 

This card must be presented at all Licensing Examination locations.

Expired cards may be replaced free of charge, upon request. Requests to re-issue expired cards must be received in writing at least three weeks prior to the examination date.

NOTE: If you apply well after the deadline or do not pay in time to collect materials during the prescribed in-person distribution period, you are expected to access the materials online and print them or, request a shipment from the shipping company and pay the applicable shipping fee to have them delivered. 

In-Person Pick-up

In-person pick up from the Materials Distribution Room (First Floor) of the Law Society will be on the dates/times indicated on the Dates to Remember page.

Online Access

Once the study material fees are paid in full, you will be provided with instructions on how to access the materials through your online account. Please see the Dates to Remember page for information on release dates and times.

If you do not pick up materials in person or request a shipment of your materials your candidate identification card will be available for pick up at the examination site in Toronto. Please ensure you bring valid government-issued photo identification in order to pick up your card at the examination site. 

Shipping Requests

Details on how to order materials for shipment will be sent to your online account once the study materials have been released for the Licensing Cycle.

Your Law Society candidate photo identification card will be included in your shipment of materials. It is important you keep this card in a secure place and inform the Law Society immediately if you suspect it has been lost or stolen. Lost or stolen candidate photo identification cards must be replaced by contacting the Licensing Process staff at the Law Society and a fee of $15 (plus applicable taxes) will be charged. These cards include an expiry date. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure their card is valid on the Licensing Examination date. If you need a card re-issued, please make the request at least three weeks prior to your examination sitting.

D. Paralegal Licensing Examination

You must successfully complete the Paralegal Licensing Examination as part of your licensing requirements. This exam is an open-book, self-study, multiple choice examination. It is 7 hours in length and divided into two parts.

Candidates may request accommodation in the Paralegal Licensing Process based on a condition that arises from an enumerated ground listed in the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19. For further information please see section F below, or Accommodations

Preparation for the Licensing Examination is through self-study of the Licensing Examination study materials provided by the Law Society, once the material fee is paid and materials have been released. As the examination is open book, you will be permitted to mark up your study materials and bring them to the Testing Area. However, you will not be permitted to leave the examination location with these materials. All materials you bring into the Testing Area must remain in the Testing Area upon completion of the examination (including all study materials, dictionaries, etc.).

You must ensure you submit all required documents and fees, at least 30 business days prior to the Licensing Examination date in order to ensure you are registered for the examination. You are reminded to diarize that a final transcript must be sent directly from your institution to the Law Society and the Statement of Field Placement Form must be sent by you to the Law Society as part of your registration requirement.

The Paralegal Licensing Examinations are typically scheduled in July/August, October and February of each Licensing Cycle. Please see the detailed information regarding the examination on the Licensing Examination section of the website. It includes specific information on dates, times, locations, rules and protocols, instructions and detailed descriptions of the entry level competencies tested on the Licensing Examination.

Each candidate will be required to present a valid Law Society photo identification card at any sitting of the Licensing Examination. All examination and study material fees billed to your account must be paid in order to write the Licensing Examination. 

Your Licensing Examination result will be sent to your Law Society online account approximately 6-8 weeks after your examination date. If you are unsuccessful, you will be permitted to register, pay and rewrite within the same Licensing Year for one of the other scheduled sittings. You will be required to download and print another set of study materials from your online account if you are rewriting in the same Licensing Year. If you are rewriting in a different Licensing Year you will be invoiced and must pay for a revised set of study materials in addition to the examination re-write fee.

Candidates unable to write at their selected sitting are required to submit a Request for Change or Deferral Form, by the prescribed deadline, in order to re-schedule their examination.

E. Good Character

The Law Society Act requires that an applicant for admission as a licensee of the Law Society of Ontario be of good character. This is an ongoing requirement for applicants throughout their licensing term.

In the application to be registered into the Lawyer Licensing Process or Paralegal Licensing Process, all applicants must answer questions which assist the Law Society in determining whether the applicant is of good character. These questions allow applicants to self-report conduct or circumstances that may raise issues about the applicant’s character. If an applicant provides an affirmative answer to any of these questions, the applicant must provide full and detailed particulars (which may include supporting documentation). 

After submitting an application, applicants must immediately notify the Licensing and Accreditation Department in writing if their answers to any of the good character questions have changed at any time during their licensing term. A “Good Character Amendment Form” is available online in the event that a change to this section is needed. In order for your good character information and answers to be reviewed, you must first ensure you complete the application process.

Please note that you cannot be licensed until your good character status is clear. More information is available online at the Good Character section of the website.

F. Accommodation

Candidates in the Paralegal Licensing Process may request accommodation based on a condition that arises from an enumerated ground listed in the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19. The Law Society can provide accommodations to candidates registered for the Licensing Examination.

In order to receive accommodations for a Licensing Examination, candidates will be required to submit the following documents: (1) an Accommodation Request Form; (2) a Supporting Documentation Form for Medical Professionals Recommending Accommodation (where applicable); and (3) an Agreement and Undertaking regarding Licensing Examination Accommodation. If you received an accommodation in the past through your college based on a condition that arises from an enumerated ground, please also include documentation outlining the previous arrangement(s). Proof of prior accommodation is not a guarantee of the same accommodation in the Licensing Process, as all requests are assessed individually and within the context of the Licensing Process. All identifiable information is held in strict confidence and will not be released to anyone without your written consent. 

The Law Society of Ontario's policy regarding accommodations for candidates is available on the Policy and Procedures for Accommodations page).

For further information about Accommodation please contact Examination Administration at:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE - All requests and supporting documentation must be received in Examination Administration at least 30 business days prior to the Licensing Examination. For deadlines, see the Accommodations page.

G. Licensing

To meet the requirements for licensing in Ontario, candidates must successfully complete all requirements of the Paralegal Licensing Process, be of good character, submit all required documentation and pay any outstanding fees by the prescribed deadlines.

Information on the procedure and cost for obtaining a paralegal licence, relevant dates and timelines will be sent to candidates through their online account as soon as they receive their examination result. The precise due date for the payment of the fee for licensing will be communicated to candidates once they have passed their Licensing Examination. All fees are subject to change.

H. Contacting the Law Society

Licensing and Accreditation Hours of Operation and Location: 

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday
130 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2N6 

Please note the office is located on a restricted floor of the building, which is not accessible to the public. In-person study material distribution occurs only during the posted distribution period and is located in the main floor distribution area.

Please send any inquiries via your Law Society account. You may also speak to staff directly during business hours at (416) 947-3315. Please note that the Licensing and Accreditation Department receives a high volume of calls in the weeks leading up to the examination registration and payment deadlines and the application due date.

If you are visiting the Law Society in person during the distribution period, you may access the Law Society by public transit in a number of ways:

  • Candidates traveling by streetcar should take the Queen streetcar and get off at Queen and York. 
  • Candidates traveling by subway should take the Yonge-University-Spadina line to Osgoode station. 
  • Candidates traveling on the GO Transit system should get off at Union station and walk to Osgoode Hall or take the subway to Osgoode station. 
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