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Make sure your clients can find you during COVID-19

April 07, 2020

To help contain the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ontario government declared on March 23, 2020, that all non-essential workplaces must close; only those organizations that were listed as providing essential services were allowed to remain open. On April 3, the government updated the list of essential businesses and workplaces, which included law and paralegal offices (34.vii. “Professional and social services that support the legal and justice system”).

The Law Society successfully implemented a remote working protocol for our employees on March 16 (until May 1, as of this writing), and encouraged all law and paralegal offices to do the same wherever feasible through a notice (PDF) sent to the professions on March 24.

So, how can clients find you while everyone is practising physical distancing?

The Lawyer and Paralegal Directory is an important and effective way to list your services and help connect you with those needing legal help during this time.

To update your information on the directory, log into your Law Society Portal account and select “Directory” on the left-hand navigation to access the Directory portlet.

The Directory portlet is your convenient self-service gateway to display information like:

  • your business email address
  • your main area(s) of law/legal services (if you provide legal services to the public)
  • whether you are able to offer services in languages in addition to English or French
  • whether or not you provide unbundled legal services under a limited scope retainer (if you provide legal services to the public)

Be sure to log in to the Law Society Portal and visit the Directory portlet in order to select the information that you would like to be displayed on your contact information page.

Please visit the Law Society website and click on the “Corporate Statement, Updates and FAQs” banner for the most current information. We continue to update this page as new information arises and decisions are made.

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