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Navigating the Licensing Process: An interview with Ken Osborne, Director of Licensing & Accreditation

December 13, 2021

In October, the Law Society of Ontario’s (LSO’s) Licensing and Accreditation Team launched a new video series: Navigating the Licensing Process aimed at assisting individuals who are applying to the 2022/23 Licensing Year.

Why did the Licensing and Accreditation Team decide to create this video series?
The LSO has plenty of information and valuable content to support candidates from Ontario, Canada and abroad through the licensing process. We felt it was time to share this information through new channels with the goal of reaching a larger number of candidates who are entering Ontario’s paralegal and lawyer licensing process.

In previous years, the Law Society has hosted a live webcast to provide information, primarily to law students applying for licensure that year. The webcast was then available for viewing on-demand with a transcript that candidates were able to review. We wanted to provide on-demand access to digestible pieces of valuable information for lawyers and paralegals, in English and French – and so our video series was created.

Does that mean you won’t be hosting a live webcast in the new year?
We are happy to share that in March 2022, we will be hosting two live Q&A sessions which will provide us with great opportunities to engage with licensing candidates and to answer their most pressing questions. Watch your online account or the LSO’s social media channels for information on how to register in advance and submit your questions.

What topics do the videos highlight and how did you determine which topics to cover?
The video topics cover critical licensing process information that is relevant to licensure in both the lawyer and paralegal professions. Topics common to the professions include:
  • application and admission requirements
  • licensing examination and study materials
  • the good character requirement
  • transcripts
  • candidate supports and accommodations
  • deadlines, fees and forms

For lawyer candidates there are additional topics, including:

  • the experiential training paths
  • Call to the Bar

What if people still have questions about the licensing process after watching the videos?
The Licensing and Accreditation Team can always be contacted with questions about the lawyer or paralegal licensing process.

As mentioned, the Law Society’s Licensing and Accreditation Team will be webcasting live Q&A sessions regarding the licensing process for lawyers and paralegals in March 2022.

Follow the LSO on social media and check your online account in late February 2022 to register in advance and learn how to ask your question. The webcasts will be recorded and available for viewing on-demand along with a transcript of the session.

Still have questions? Give us a call toll-free: 1-800-668-7380 ext. 3315, or locally at 416-947-3315 or drop us a line through your LSO online account or by email to

What advice do you have for anyone who is applying to the 2022/23 Licensing Year?
Lawyer and paralegal candidates are encouraged to bookmark and review the relevant Dates to Remember section of The Dates to Remember section for lawyer and paralegal candidates provides information on the licensing term, application and transcript deadlines, critical dates necessary for scheduling licensing examinations and accessing candidate supports, such as financial support and accommodation. 

How can candidates keep up to date on licensing process information?
Candidates’ LSO online accounts is the main channel for communicating information about the licensing process directly to candidates. It is also an effective channel for candidates to direct specific questions to the Licensing and Accreditation Team on a broad range of topics.

Candidates can also follow the Law Society of Ontario on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin which is used to provide general information on lawyer and paralegal licensing processes.

There are full video series for both paralegal and lawyer licensing candidates. Both series are available entirely in English and French on the LSO’s YouTube channel.

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