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Home News Introducing the new CPD accreditation platform

Introducing the new CPD accreditation platform

September 21, 2021

Applying for accreditation of professionalism hours or alternate educational activities just got a little easier with the Law Society’s new CPD accreditation platform!

The new platform at allows licensees and program providers to submit applications for accreditation of professionalism hours through a convenient and secure online platform.  It allows users to upload supporting documentation, track the status of their applications and view records of applications previously submitted through the platform.

The platform will replace the previous PDF application, making the accreditation process more convenient and efficient.  It features drop down boxes and buttons for ease of completion and uses mandatory or required fields for information that must be included. These features make it easier to apply for accreditation and reduce delays stemming from inaccurate or incomplete applications.

The new CPD accreditation can be used by:

  • Licensees submitting completed courses for accreditation of professionalism hours in the event that the course was delivered by a provider who is not an accredited provider of professionalism
  • Licensees seeking accreditation of alternate educational activities
  • Course providers who are not accredited providers of professionalism.

For more information about the new platform and how to apply for accreditation visit the CPD accreditation page.

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