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If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (416) 947-3315

  • Where is the program being held?
    Please review the online program page for the location of your program. Most of our programs are held at the Law Society of Ontario, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto. (416 947-3300
  • Where do I check in at the program?
    You may check in at the program registration desk. Most programs are held at the Law Society of Ontario in the Lamont Learning Centre on the first floor of the building.
  • How will my program be marketed?

    Your Program Planner will prepare ad copy for marketing the program in consultation with the Program Chair, presenters, and Marketing department. This information will be used to create a program registration page on the LSO Store.

    The program will be advertised in the Ontario Reports and in several e-mails sent to members in the target practice area, as well as on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn).

    After the program takes place, the archived webcast and materials will be available for purchase. Materials will be sent to all county law libraries in the province and to the National Library. In addition, individual articles from the materials will be added to AccessCLE, our searchable database.

  • Will the webcast of the program be available after the program date?
    On-demand webcasts of our programs (except for those presented by professional speakers) are available for purchase approximately 10 business days after the program date.
  • When is the deadline for submitting materials?
    The deadline is 3 weeks prior to the program date. It is very important that we receive your materials electronically by the deadline so that they can be professionally reproduced and distributed at the program. PowerPoint slide presentations must be submitted no later than 2 business days prior to the program.
  • Will a disclaimer be added to my materials?

    Yes, the following disclaimer is added to all CPD materials:

    This work appears as part of the Law Society of Ontario's initiatives in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It aims to provide information and opinion, which will assist licensees in maintaining and enhancing their competence. It does not, however, represent or embody any official position of, or statement by, the Society, except where this may be specifically indicated; nor does it attempt to set forth definitive practice standards or to provide legal advice. Precedents and other material contained herein is intended to be used thoughtfully, as nothing in the work relieves readers of their responsibility to consider it in the light of their own professional skill and judgment.

    © (year of program), Law Society of Ontario

  • How should I dress for the program?
    We recommend that you dress in business attire, or “business casual.”
  • Several members of my firm would like to attend the program. Do you have group rates?
    We offer multiple registration discounts for many of our programs. Please see FAQ - Group Registration for information on group discounts.
  • Will lunch be available?
    Presenters participating in full-day programs are invited to attend a complimentary lunch on the day of the program.
  • Is teaching an eligible activity for the CPD Requirement?

    Yes. Actual teaching time will be multiplied by a factor of three to reflect preparation time. For example, 30 minutes of teaching will be equal to 1.5 hours of credit. The teaching content must be law-related and within the CPD definition. There is no limitation on the type of audience. If the same content is taught more than once in a calendar year, CPD Hours are only available for the first delivery of that content. Teaching is eligible for volunteer or part-time teaching. Teaching as part of full-time or regular employment will not be eligible.

    Chairing a program may be eligible, provided the chair does more than introduce speakers. The Chair must act as a facilitator of the program for it to be eligible.

    See CPD Accreditation Process for more information on the accreditation of Alternate Eligible Educational Activities.

  • Do you offer any hotel discounts?

    Yes. Corporate rates are available at the following hotels.

    Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel,
    123 Queen Street West, Toronto
    Tel: 416-361-1000 or 800-325-3535

    Hilton Toronto,
    145 Richmond Street West, Toronto
    Tel: 416-869-3456 or 800-267-2281

    Reimbursement for expenses is subject to advance approval. To be eligible for reimbursement, the presenter must reside at least 100K outside of the Greater Toronto Area. For more information, see the Expense Policy for Presenters.

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