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Articling Task Force

To follow is key background information about the Law Society's Articling Task Force and Pathways Pilot Project.

November 22, 2012 

Convocation approved the  Pathways pilot project on November 22, 2012, that will allow lawyer licensing candidates to either article or complete a Law Practice Program (LPP), starting in the 2014-15 licensing year.

The pilot project will measure competence through a fair process that provides access to the profession and fosters access to justice, while protecting the public. The new licensing pilot project will be extended for up to an additional two years if there is insufficient evidence to properly evaluate the pilot after three years.

An archive of the November 22, 2012 webcast and discussion is available on the Gazette.

October 25, 2012

The Articling Task Force introduced the Pathways Report to Convocation on October 25, 2012. Convocation deferred both the debate and a decision on the report's motion to allow time for more feedback from the profession.

The Law Society provides that feedback into two documents:

For your convenience, you may also read the summary of the original submissions made to the Articling Task Force consultation, or view those submissions below.

Additionally, the October 25, 2012 webcast and discussion are archived on the Gazette.  

December 2011

The Law Society's Articling Task Force was formed to address concerns about the articling program, relating in particular to the growing number of unplaced licensing candidates. In December 2011, the Task Force released the Articling Task Force Consultation Report.

From January to March, 2012, the Task Force held consultation sessions across the province. More than 100 written submissions were received from individual members, law students, law schools, legal organizations, other law societies, members of the judiciary and government. 

The task force carefully reviewed and assessed the broad spectrum of valuable input. An interim report was prepared for May Convocation. 

 Articling: background materials

Articling: submissions to original consultation

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