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Library Rules

Library Rules for Law Society of Ontario licensees and their agents

These rules are intended for the following library users: lawyer and paralegal licensees of the Law Society of Ontario, licensing candidates (articling/LPP students), summer students, judges, law clerks, law librarians, and other law firm staff.

Personal Conduct

The library strives to provide an environment that is conducive to productive research and study. All library users are expected to:

  • Treat other users and library staff with respect.
  • Refrain from disruptive behaviour or loud conversations.
  • Set cell phones to vibrate and not take or make calls in the library.
  • Exit the library promptly at closing time, during emergency evacuations (e.g. fire alarms), and whenever requested to leave by library staff or public safety personnel.
  • Adhere to Law Society health and safety policies, including wearing a mask while in the Great Library.

Library Materials

The Great Library is a reference library. Books and other materials may not be removed from the library, with the following exception: Law Society licensees may sign out books for short-term court use in Osgoode Hall and in courtrooms at 361 and 393 University Avenue.

Please help us to preserve and maintain our collection for the benefit of all library users. 

  • Report missing pages in loose leaf services to staff so that replacement pages can be ordered immediately.
  • Consult with staff before copying older books, law reports and statutory materials where the binding or paper appears fragile or damaged.
  • Do not deface library materials by underlining, marking or using adhesive "post-it" notes.

Computer Use

Library computers are provided for purposes of legal research and law-related work. Library computers are not intended for extended personal use (email, Youtube).

Eating & Drinking

Food is not permitted in the Great Library. Beverages in closed containers are permitted.

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Library Rules for Public Users

Public users may only access the Great Library by entering through the Law Society of Ontario entrance on the east side of Osgoode Hall (facing Nathan Phillips Square) from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  

As a private, licensee-funded facility, the Great Library prioritizes services and resources for the use of Law Society licensees and their agents. Public users (Non-Licensees) who need to conduct legal research may use the library in accordance with the following Rules:

  1. You must identify yourself to library staff and request permission to use the library. You will be asked to complete a Non-Licensee Request to Use the Library form and show photo identification.
  2. You may only use the library’s print resources and resources you can access on your personal devices over the Law Society's wireless network.
  3. Library staff can direct you to appropriate resources, but cannot provide research assistance.
  4. Behaviour that is disrespectful, disruptive, or interferes with others’ use of library facilities, materials or services is prohibited.
  5. You may not disturb other library users to seek legal information or advice.
  6. Your cell phone must be set to vibrate. Calls must be taken and made outside the library.
  7. Food is not permitted in the library. Beverages in closed containers are permitted.
  8. You must exit the library promptly at closing time, during emergency evacuations (e.g. fire alarms), or whenever requested to leave by library staff or public safety personnel.

Library staff will enforce these rules in a fair and reasonable manner. At the discretion of staff, members of the public who violate the Rules will be asked to leave the library. Serious or continued violation may result in suspension of access to the library.

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