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Creating Persistent Links to AdvoCAT Catalogue Records or Searches

It is possible to create persistent or permanent links to AdvoCAT catalogue records and "canned" searches for use in documents, Web pages or e-mails.

To create a persistent link to a record in AdvoCAT

  • Construct the persistent link using the following snippet of code:

  • Simply replace the number following bibID=with the bib id for your item. The bib id can be copied from field 001 in the Staff View in AdvoCAT, for example:

Bibliographic ID Example

To create a persistent link to a "canned" search in AdvoCAT

  • Run your search in AdvoCAT
  • If the resulting URL contains searchArg=, then the link will likely work as a persistent link. For example, a basic keyword in subject search for "labor laws" disabilities dismissal looks like this:

Explication des termes et concepts