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Document Delivery Service for Law Society Licensees

Document Delivery Service for Law Society Licensees

Law Society licensees and their agents may request copies of cases, legislation, articles and other legal materials sourced from the Great Library’s print and digital holdings, by filling out a Document Delivery Request Form.


Print-Sourced Documents

The following charges apply to documents copied from print sources, scanned to PDF and emailed:

  • 30¢ per page, plus a $10 handling charge per order (5 items or less), plus applicable taxes.
Electronic Documents
There is no fee for documents sent from electronic sources.  Please note that requests for documents from the library’s online subscription services are subject to the terms and conditions of our license agreements.
Restriction on number of documents
No more than 5 documents (cases, legislation, journal articles, etc.) may be sent per licensee per day.

Turn-around Time

Most requests are completed within 24 hours.  However, requests for copies from our print collection may take several days as library staff will only be on site a few days a week.


Document delivery requests may be refused due to copyright restrictions. The Great Library’s document delivery service operates under the Access to the Law Policy and Guidelines.

If you have any questions about this Great Library service, please email us at

To order copies of cases, articles, legislation, etc., please complete the Document Delivery Request Form.

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