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Foreign Legal Consultant Permit


By-Law 14 states that no person shall give legal advice in Ontario respecting the law of a foreign jurisdiction except in accordance with the provisions of the By-Law. By-Law 14 requires lawyers licensed outside of Canada to apply to the Law Society for a permit to give legal advice in Ontario respecting the law of a foreign jurisdiction. Applicants must meet the conditions outlined in the By-Law to qualify for a permit and must apply annually to the Law Society to renew their permit.

Foreign lawyers who want to provide legal advice in Ontario must apply for a Foreign Legal Consultant (FLC) permit. Additionally, Law Society licensees who are entitled to practise law or provide legal service with the Law Society and who are authorized to practise law in a foreign jurisdiction must apply for a Foreign Legal Consultant permit if they want to provide legal advice in Ontario respecting the law of the foreign jurisdiction. Ontario lawyers and licensed paralegals may also employ, partner, or associate with FLCs provided this is done in compliance with the Law Society Act, the Law Society's By-Laws, the Rules of Professional Conduct or the Paralegal Rules of Conduct, and any other applicable legislation.

Who can apply

  • A person who is authorized to practise law in a foreign jurisdiction
  • The applicant is not the subject of any order made against them by a tribunal of any governing body of the legal profession in the foreign jurisdiction in which they are authorized to practise law
  • The applicant has no terms, conditions, limitations or restrictions imposed on their authorization to practise law in the foreign jurisdiction
  • The applicant is of good character

A supervisor may be required depending on the applicant’s experience. If approved, FLCs may only provide legal advice in Ontario respecting the law a foreign jurisdiction where they are authorized to practise law. A Foreign Legal Consultant Permit does not entitle someone to provide legal advice or services about the law of Ontario or Canada.  

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit the most recent version of the application form (link below) in order for it to be processed. As of April 1, 2021, Complaints & Compliance will no longer accept previous versions of the application form. 

Applicants must submit the following:

  • An original application for Permit as a Foreign Legal Consultant and a non-refundable application fee
  • Proof of professional liability insurance for the giving of legal advice in Ontario respecting the law of the foreign jurisdiction which is at least equivalent to that required of a licensee who holds a Class L1 licence for the licensee’s practice of law in Ontario
  • A Certificate of Standing (dated within the last 30 days) from each jurisdiction where the applicant is or has been a member to be submitted by the regulatory body directly to Complaints & Compliance – must be forwarded directly from the governing or regulatory body to the Law Society
  • A certified copy of a government issued photo ID (not applicable if applicants are also licensees of the Law Society of Ontario)
  • A copy of the applicant's curriculum vitae (resume)
  • Additional undertakings and documents, as required

On February 25, 2021, Convocation approved amendments to By-Law 4, including removing the ‘reciprocity’ requirement for Foreign Legal Consultant permit applicants. As a result, applicants for a Foreign Legal Consultant permit are no longer required to submit proof of reciprocity.

NOTE: Any documents that are not in English or French must be translated by an Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) Certified Translator. You may wish to refer to ATIO's Directory of Certified Translators on its website at

Ongoing Requirements

  • A permit is valid for one year after the day on which it comes into effect
  • Before the expiry of the permit, the permit holder may apply for its renewal
  • Renewal applications should be submitted to the Law Society no later than 30 days before the expiry date of the permit to ensure that you remain authorized as an FLC
  • Proof of professional liability insurance details must be submitted with the renewal application. Applicants must ensure that their insurance is valid for the duration of their permit and that it meets the minimum requirements. Under section 8 of By-Law 14, a permit is automatically revoked if the permit holder fails to comply with certain conditions, including the requirement to maintain appropriate insurance.
  • FLCs must notify the Law Society immediately of any change to the information provided to the Law Society including any change in employment

Note: If an approved FLC ceases to be authorized to practise law at any time in the foreign jurisdiction for which a permit was issued, the FLC permit is automatically revoked pursuant to section 8 of By-Law 14.

Partnering with Licensees

When a foreign legal consultant and a licensee intend to enter into a partnership, the conditions in subsection 18(2) of By-Law 7 must be satisfied. Refer to Multi-Discipline Partnerships for more information.

Application Process

All applications and attachments are reviewed by Complaints & Compliance. If the review reveals that the application cannot be approved, Law Society staff will contact the applicant to request additional information or to advise of necessary changes.

Complaints & Compliance requires a minimum of 30 business days to process an FLC permit application or an FLC permit renewal application, if they are complete. A permit will be issued upon approval.

Temporary Arrangements due to COVID-19 - Completed Applications & Inquiries

In support of public health recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Law Society staff are working remotely. The Law Society’s work at home plan will continue to be re-assessed as the situation develops based on recommendations from public health officials.

Until such time as the Law Society fully reopens its physical offices, we ask that you communicate with us electronically, or by phone, where ever possible. If submitting an application, please send a copy of the application and supporting documents to us by email to 

This arrangement may result in delays in our ability to respond to your communications and we ask for your patience as we adjust our operations to manage the dangers to the community posed by COVID-19.

Non-refundable Administrative Fees

A non-refundable application fee in the amount of $500 (CAD) + HST must be received by the Law Society in order to commence processing the Foreign Legal Consultant Permit application.

A non-refundable annual renewal fee in the amount of $250 (CAD) + HST must be received by the Law Society in order to process the annual Foreign Legal Consultant Permit renewal application.

Paying Administrative Fees

Application fees and renewal fees, where applicable, should be paid through the Law Society Store.

You may also pay the applicable fee(s) by enclosing a certified cheque or money order with your application. All cheques should be made payable to the “Law Society of Ontario”.

Licensees: Login to the Law Society Portal ( Select LSO Store in the left panel. The page will be automatically re-directed to the Law Society of Ontario’s online store. Select the fee(s) you wish to pay.  

If you are unable to access the Law Society Portal, please contact Complaints & Compliance for assistance.

You may also pay the applicable fee(s) by enclosing a certified cheque or money order with your application. All cheques should be made payable to the “Law Society of Ontario”.

Non-Licensees: Visit the Law Society store at to pay the necessary fees online.

Proof of Payment or a Certified Cheque/Money Order to Accompany All Applications

Payment or a copy of the receipt for payment must accompany all applications.

Links to Applications and Additional Documents

Initial Application

Annual Renewal Application

Applicable By-Law


All questions about FLC applications should be directed to the Complaints & Compliance department by contacting the Resource Centre at (416) 947-3315 (toll-free 1-800-668-7380 x3315) and asking to be transferred, or emailing Complaints & Compliance using the Contact Page.


The Law Society of Ontario is committed to ensuring that our websites and web applications are accessible for people with disabilities. We have also made efforts to make Law Society documents accessible to everyone. If you need any of our documents or forms in an alternate format that is accessible to you, please contact us.

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