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Transfer Licensing Process and Exams


Lawyers who wish to be licensed in Ontario and who are from Canadian jurisdictions which have not signed and implemented the National Mobility Agreement (non-reciprocating jurisdictions) must apply for transfer using the application for licence by way of licensing examinations under subsection 9 (1) of By-Law 4.

Lawyers from the following jurisdiction must apply and complete the licensing examination program in order to be licensed in Ontario:


Lawyers who wish to be licensed to practise law in Ontario, but do not have a Common Law Degree from an approved Canadian law school or a Certificate of Qualification from the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) must first contact the NCA to assess their credentials.

Who can apply

Lawyers in good standing in their home jurisdiction who hold a Common Law Degree from an approved Canadian law school may apply to be licensed to practise law in Ontario by way of licensing examinations.

Transfer Licensing Application Requirements

  • Completed and original Transfer Licensing Application
  • Non-refundable administrative application fee
  • Original Certificate(s) of Standing (dated within the last 30 days) from each law society of which the applicant is or has been a member
  • Notarized copy of Canadian Birth Certificate as proof of age and full legal name, or, if applicant was not born in Canada, two other Canadian government issued documents with the applicant’s name appearing identically on each.
  • Two coloured passport photos
  • Additional pertinent documents to comply with specific application requirements
  • Proof of Education - Law Transcript / NCA Certificate
    Final law school transcripts must show the degree and conferral date and must be forwarded to Complaints & Compliance directly from the University/issuing institution.

Application Process

This is a two-part application process:

PART I Transfer Licensing Application

All applications and pertinent attachments will be reviewed by Complaints & Compliance. If the review reveals that the application and/or attachments are deficient, a Complaints & Compliance Representative will contact the applicant to request additional information or clarification.

Complaints & Compliance requires 30 business days to process the Transfer Licensing Application.

PART II Transfer Licencing Examinations Registration

Once Transfer Licensing Applications are approved, applicants are responsible to contact the Licensing Process, Licensing and Accreditation department to register for examinations. Refer to Transfer Licensing Application and Examinations Policy (pdf) for information.

Non-refundable Administrative Fees

A non-refundable application fee in the amount of $160 (CAD) + HST must be received by the Law Society in order to commence processing the Transfer Licensing Application.

Licensing examination fees are payable to the Licensing Process, Licensing and Accreditation department after the Transfer Licensing Application is approved. Refer to Transfer Licensing Application and Examinations Policy for examination fees.

NOTE: Annual Law Society membership fees are payable once the licence has been granted.

Paying Administrative Fees

Application fees should be paid through the Law Society Store.

Visit the Law Society store at to pay the necessary fees online.

You may also pay the applicable fee(s) by enclosing a certified cheque or money order with your application. All cheques should be made payable to the “Law Society of Ontario”.

Proof of Payment or a Certified Cheque/Money Order to Accompany All Applications

Payment or a copy of the receipt for payment must accompany all applications.  

Links to Application and Additional Information

Links to Applicable By-Law 


Questions about the Transfer by Way of Examination application should be directed to the Complaints & Compliance department by contacting the Law Society at (416) 947-3315 (toll-free 1-800-668-7380 x 3315) and asking to be transferred, or emailing Complaints & Compliance using the Contact Page.

Registration questions regarding the examination process should be directed to the Licensing Process, Licensing and Accreditation department by contacting the Law Society at (416) 947-3315 (toll-free within Ontario 1-800-668-7380 x3315) and asking to be transferred, or email the Licensing Process, Licensing and Accreditation department using the Contact Page.


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