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Preparing PowerPoint Slideshows

Quick Tips

  • PowerPoint slides are for presentation purposes only. They are made available for registrants to download but are not published in program materials
  • Create your PowerPoint slideshow in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. This is optimal for the Learning Centre
  • Do not use animations, transitions, and on-click commands (e.g., fly-ins). The webcast only captures static images
  • Do not include hidden slides as this function is not compatible with our system
  • Delete non-required slides from the file before submission
  • Slides must be received 2 business days before the program to allow for testing. They will be posted to the webcast server for registrants to download
  • Do not include any video or audio in PowerPoints. Submit these as separate items with instructions when to play
  • Do not include any hyperlinks to websites
  • Do not include copyrighted materials
  • Use photographs and other imagery to engage your audience
  • Include only one concept on each slide
Explication des termes et concepts