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Law Society Status

What effect does a change in my Law Society status have on my ability to close an electronic registration transaction?

A compliance with law statement may only be made by a person who is entitled to practice law in Ontario and has the required real estate practice insurance option with LawPRO®. Therefore a change in the lawyer's status may affect the lawyer's ability to register documents containing compliance with law statements.

For example, lawyers who are suspended or disbarred will be precluded from making compliance with law statements. Suspension includes a lawyer suspended for "administrative" reasons such as for the failure to pay LSUC fees or LAWPRO levies or for the failure to file LSUC or LAWPRO forms.

The Law Society provides timely updates to Teranet of changes in the status of lawyers. It is possible that a change to Teranet access may take effect before a lawyer receives written notice by registered mail of the change in his or her status. Lawyers will need to exercise care to ensure that fees and levies are paid and that forms are filed in a timely manner or they may be precluded from completing certain real estate transactions.

Practice Guideline 1 - Maintaining Integrity of Access and Accounts   

I am acting on the closings of certain real estate transactions and I plan to retire or voluntarily resign my membership. What are my obligations?

Members voluntarily leaving their practices through retirement or resignation need to ensure that all real estate closings are either completed or assigned to other lawyers before the effective date of their status changes. These lawyers should provide the new lawyer with both the paper file and with access to the electronic documents in the electronic registration system. 

Practice Guideline 1 - Maintaining Integrity of Access and Accounts

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