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Fighting Real Estate Fraud

In 2004, the Law Society issued a Notice to the Profession warning real estate practitioners about real estate fraud. Lawyers should review this Notice to the Profession.

The Law Society released an information report on mortgage fraud (pdf) in March 2005 that summarizes the issue and its scope, gives an overview of the mortgage process and opportunities for fraud to occur, and summarizes what the Law Society and its partners in the mortgage industry are doing to prevent and reduce fraud.

The Law Society has developed a number of resource materials to assist lawyers involved in real estate transactions to heighten their sensitivity to the warning signs of fraud, to learn ways to protect themselves, and to comply with their ethical obligations if acting in a transaction where a client is or may be committing a fraud.

The Law Society’s Practice Management Helpline is also available to provide assistance to lawyers with ethical questions on the topic and can be contacted at 416 947-3315 or toll-free at 1-800-668-7380, ext 3315.

Recognizing Real Estate Fraud – Red Flag Indicators

Ethical Obligations – Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

Resources to Help Fight Fraud

Terms or Concepts Explained