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Contingency Planning for Lawyers

COVID-19 UPDATE: Lawyers preparing for practice interruptions in the context of COVID-19 should consult the Law Society’s Frequently Asked Practice Management Questions regarding COVID-19.

Lawyers face the possibility of numerous unexpected interruptions in their law practices. Contingency planning in the event of disability, death or other unexpected periods of absence from practice should be considered as a means of providing peace of mind for loved ones, clients and employees. Also, unless you properly plan for contingencies, serious prejudice can result to your clients.

The Contingency Planning Guide for Lawyers provides several practical resources that have been prepared to encourage and assist practitioners who are in private practice to make such plans.

The Contingency Planning Guide for Lawyers 

We wish to thank the individuals who have participated in the drafting of the Guide, including Michael Allemano, Rachel Blumenfeld, Susan Easterbrook, Lindsay Histrop, Ian Hull and Laura Kerr.


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LawPRO Managing Practice Interruptions Booklet
The Lawyer Bookkeeping Guide
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Selecting a Conflict Checking System
Frequently Asked Practice Management Questions regarding COVID-19

The sample documents and other resources on this page are not intended to provide legal advice. They should be used thoughtfully and adapted by lawyers and paralegals to suit their own individual circumstances.

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