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Sixties Scoop Communications Bulletin

August 09, 2018

What is the Sixties Scoop and the Settlement?

The “Sixties Scoop” refers to policies enacted by provincial child welfare authorities beginning in the early 1950s and continuing until the early 1990s.  Under agreements with the federal government, thousands of Indigenous children were removed from their homes and families and placed into provincial child welfare systems.  Beginning in 2009, Indigenous adults who were “scooped” as children initiated class action law suits against the federal government, initially in Ontario and subsequently in multiple provinces.  In October, 2017, the federal government announced that an agreement in principle had been reached to settle these law suits. 

Effective August 9, 2018, the Federal Court of Canada and the Ontario Court of Justice have approved a settlement between the Federal Government of Canada and people who are status “Indians” (within the meaning of the Indian Act) or “Inuit” and were removed from their homes in Canada between January 1, 1951 and December 31, 1991 and placed in the care of non-Indigenous foster or adoptive parents.

Read the settlement agreement.

Legal Representation and Legal Fees

As outlined in the terms of the settlement agreement, lawyers representing claimants will be paid by the Government of Canada.

The settlement agreement provides for four named law firms to represent claimants and states that none of those firms or their lawyers will charge any eligible claimant any fees or disbursements for any payments under the settlement agreement or for any other legal work for any eligible claimant with respect to claims made under the settlement agreement.

In addition, no other lawyer may charge fees to claimants in relation to claims under the settlement agreement without the prior approval of the Federal Court.

All lawyers acting for Indigenous clients, including with respect to the Sixties Scoop Settlement, are encouraged to review and consult the Guide for Working with Indigenous Peoples a joint project of the Advocates' Society, the Indigenous Bar Association, and the Law Society of Ontario.  Lawyers are also strongly encouraged to consult the Law Society's Guidelines for Lawyers Working with Indigenous Peoples.

The four law firms named in the settlement agreement are:

Wilson-Christen LLP
Tel:               416-360-5952 ext 217
Toll Free:      1-866-360-5952 ext. 217

Koskie Minsky LLP
Toll Free:      1-855-595-2626

Merchant Law Group LLP
Toll Free:      1-888-567-7777

Klein Lawyers
Tel:               604-714-2070

How to Claim Compensation or Opt Out of the Settlement

Claims under the settlement agreement are administered by Collectiva Class Action Services Inc.  Information about the settlement agreement, including how to register for compensation or how to opt out of the settlement agreement, as well as key documents and updates about the settlement process, are available through Collectiva:

Class Action Services Inc.
1176 Bishop Street, suite 208
Montreal QC  H3G 2E3

Terms or Concepts Explained