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Law Society announces team of experts to support new Access to Innovation project

September 27, 2021

In April, the Law Society of Ontario’s Board of Directors (also known as Convocation) approved a five-year pilot project – now named Access to Innovation (A2I) – which will allow providers of innovative technological legal services (ITLS) to serve consumers while complying with operating conditions that protect the public.

“ITLS can help Ontarians understand, navigate and address their legal issues through the convenience of websites, apps or software,” said CEO Diana Miles. “Consumers should be able to make an informed choice when deciding to use ITLS. They need to be assured that it is a competent and ethical service. Our new project will provide assurance to those creating new products and to those using those products that the activities enhance public protection and open up access to legal services. A2I will both spur and support innovation.”

The project will be supported by an Advisory Council composed of independent experts with a wide range of professional backgrounds and perspectives.

The Advisory Council provides strategic advice, reviews application materials from prospective A2I participants and makes approval recommendations. Council members also have an ongoing role in monitoring outcomes. Council members are volunteers, who work under strict obligations to ensure confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest.

The Council members are:

  • Lynne Vicars (Chair) – Principal, Lynne Vicars Legal Consulting
  • Carla Swansburg (Vice-Chair) – Chief Executive Officer, Cleary X
  • Andrew Arruda – Chief Executive Officer, Automate Medical
  • Rui Chen – Chief Technology Officer, TalentLift
  • Jennifer Gold – Partner, Wood Gold LLP
  • Kingsley Jesuorobo – Principal, Kingsley Jesuorobo & Associates
  • Neelam Jolly – Data Governance and Fraud Consultant, Payments Canada
  • P. Bradley Limpert – Principal, Limpert & Associates
  • Ghayda Nassar – Technology, Cybersecurity, Privacy Leader and Consultant, Liberty Cybersecurity
  • Amy Salyzyn – Associate Professor, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
  • Nye Thomas – Executive Director, Law Commission of Ontario
  • Thomas Wardman – Chief Technology Officer, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada

The project will be led by Will Morrison, as manager. Morrison, an experienced and creative regulatory policy lawyer, previously served as Strategic Policy Counsel with the Law Society and was instrumental in developing the proposal for the A2I project. A small team of Law Society employees who are dedicated to A2I will be onboarded in the coming weeks.

A2I will begin accepting applications from ITLS providers later this year. More information and an FAQ are available online.

The Law Society regulates lawyers and paralegals in Ontario in the public interest. The Law Society has a mandate to protect the public interest, to maintain and advance the cause of justice and the rule of law, to facilitate access to justice for the people of Ontario, and to act in a timely, open and efficient manner.


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