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Licensing Following Surrender or Revocation of Paralegal Licence


Former Law Society paralegals who surrendered their licence at their own request, who were permitted to surrender their licence, or whose licence was revoked may apply for licensing under the Law Society Act and By-Law 4 as follows:

  • Licensing: Law Society Act s.27
  • Surrender of Licence: Law Society Act s.30
  • Issuance of Licence: By-Law 4 Part II
  • Surrender of Licence: By-Law 4 Part III

Who can apply

All former paralegals who wish to return to the provision of legal services in Ontario and be considered for licensing by the Law Society may apply. 

Application Requirements

  • Non-refundable administrative application fee
  • Appropriate completed and original application for licensing
  • Non-refundable full payment of all Law Society annual fees owing
  • Non-refundable full payment of all insurance premiums/fees/levies/deductibles owing
  • Submission of all outstanding original Paralegal Annual Reports
  • Insurance Errors & Omissions Claims History
  • Civil Actions search results
  • Canadian Police Information Centre report (CPIC)
  • Superintendent of Bankruptcy search results
  • Additional pertinent documents and information to comply with specific application requirements 

Note: Law Society annual fees for the year in which you apply to be licensed will be payable upon approval for licensing.

Contact the Law Society at 416-947-3315 or 1-800-668-7380 Ext.3315 or by email at for information on current fees payable.

Application Process

All applications and required attachments will be reviewed by Complaints & Compliance. If the review reveals that the application and/or attachments are not complete, then a staff member from Complaints & Compliance will contact the applicant to request additional information or clarification. Applications for former paralegals who surrendered their licence on their own request may be approved by Complaints & Compliance. Applications for former paralegals who were permitted to surrender their licence, or whose licence was revoked, will be scheduled for a hearing by the Law Society Hearing Division which will consider the licensing application. The decision of the Hearing Division will be communicated to the applicant following the date the matter is heard. Complaints & Compliance requires up to 60 business days to process applications for licensing following surrender of licence at own request. For applications from paralegals permitted to surrender their licence or who have had their licence revoked, the Law Society requires a minimum of 90 business days to prepare the file for the review of the Professional Regulation Division. Further time is required for these applications to allow for a full regulatory review.

Non-refundable Administrative Fees

A non-refundable application fee in the amount of $300 (CAD) + HST must be received by the Law Society in order to commence processing the licensing application.

Applicants are obliged to pay all Law Society annual fees and insurance premiums/fees/levies/deductibles outstanding as well, as the annual fees for the year in which they are making their application upon licensing.

Paying Administrative Fees

Application and other fees, where applicable, should be paid through the Law Society Store.

Visit the Law Society store at to pay the necessary fees online.

You may also pay the applicable fee(s) by enclosing a certified cheque or money order with your application. All cheques should be made payable the “Law Society of Ontario”.

Proof of Payment or a Certified Cheque/Money Order to Accompany All Applications

Payment or a copy of the receipt for payment must accompany all applications. 

Applications and Additional Documents

For a copy of the Application for Licensing Following Surrender of Licence at Paralegal’s Request or a copy of the Application for Licensing Following Revocation of Licence or Permission to Surrender Paralegal Licence, please contact the Complaints & Compliance department. Contact information is below.

Links to Applicable Rules and the Law Society Act


All application related questions should be directed to the Complaints & Compliance department by contacting the Law Society at (416) 947-3315 (toll-free 1-800-668-7380 x3315) and asking to be transferred, or email Complaints & Compliance using the Contact Page.


The Law Society of Ontario is committed to ensuring that our websites and web applications are accessible for people with disabilities. We have also made efforts to make Law Society documents accessible to everyone. If you need any of our documents or forms in an alternate format that is accessible to you, please contact us.