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Taking Parental Leave

Congratulations! You’re preparing to take a parental leave! Here is some helpful information:

Fee Category: Parental Leave

The Law Society makes special provisions for parental leave, which is defined as leave from employment or practice for reasons of maternity, paternity or adoption. Under this policy, lawyers or paralegals may have their fee category reduced to the 25% category for each full calendar month for which parental leave is taken. They can change their status through the Portal or contact Membership Services.

Just a reminder that Parental Leave can cross over into another fee year. Invoices are issued in January and should be paid before the end of March. More information.

CPD Exemptions & Parental Leave

Lawyers and paralegals who are in the 50% and 25% fee-paying categories are automatically exempt from the CPD requirement as long as they do not practise law or provide legal services. Please note: the CPD obligation is pro-rated. For instance, if a licensee is in the 50% or 25% category for half of a year, they are required to complete half of the CPD obligation.

Members who wish to remain in the 100% fee-paying category but will not be able to fulfill the CPD requirement may seek an exemption from the requirement in circumstances falling within the Human Rights Code, such as parental leave or a leave of absence from practice due to illness. Lawyers and paralegals seeking an exemption are required to submit a Member Application and Declaration Form (PDF). More information.

Annual Report Filing

Licensees on parental leave are still required to submit their Annual Report Filing by March 31 of each year. More information.

Stay in Contact

Please ensure the Law Society has your correct contact information, so you will continue to receive reminders and notices while you are on leave. If you will not be checking your work email address, please use the Change of Information section of the Portal to indicate the email address you want us to use.

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