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Competence Framework



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The Law Society of Ontario’s Competence Task Force was established to examine regulatory approaches aimed at ensuring and enhancing the post-licensure competence of lawyers and paralegals. The objective of the Task Force is to recommend an effective, proportionate, and balanced regulatory framework addressing career-long competence in a manner that protects the public interest and is responsive to the public’s legal needs.

On June 23, 2021, the Competence Task Force’s Report: Renewing the Law Society’s Continuing Competence Framework was included as an Information Item to Convocation. The Report details the Law Society’s mandate to regulate the competence of lawyers and paralegals and provides an overview of how competence regulation has evolved to keep pace with regulatory best practices.

The Report also provides an overview of the Task Force’s work plan, a working definition of competence, and proposed themes and principles which may inform new approaches to competence programs and requirements.

Responses to the Call for Comment will be reviewed by the Competence Task Force as it assesses the effectiveness of the existing Law Society competence programs, considers which programs should continue, be modified or concluded, and evaluates alternative competence programs. The input of the legal professions and other stakeholders is critical to this process.

Following the conclusion of the consultation, the Task Force will study the submissions and make recommendations to Convocation.

The Law Society encourages lawyers, paralegals, legal organizations, members of the public and others to share their experiences and ideas to ensure that the Task Force has the benefit of a full range of options and approaches to supporting post-licensure competence.

The Law Society has not made any decisions about the structure or content of an updated competence regime. We are open to the suggestions and feedback of all interested parties and we encourage and appreciate your input. You may respond to some or all of the questions within the Call for Comment until Nov. 30, 2021.

There are two options for providing responses.


You may respond to the call for comment by answering the questions in the online form, or Word documents or PDFs may be uploaded through the form. Files must be no larger than 5MB.

Submissions will be provided to the Competence Task Force. Submissions may also be provided to Convocation and may be reproduced, and/or made publicly available by the Law Society, with attribution. The Law Society reserves the right to redact submissions at its discretion, and to remediate submissions for accessibility purposes and for the protection of confidentiality, copyright, and brevity.

Please ensure your submission is accessible as defined by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. While non-compliant submissions may not be published on the Law Society website, they will be considered in our analysis and final report.

Anonymous submissions will be provided to the Task Force; however, they may not be provided to Convocation or made public.

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