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Coach and Advisor Network (CAN)

The Law Society’s Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) provides lawyers and paralegals with access to shorter-term, outcome-oriented relationships with Coaches and Advisors drawn from the professions. Coaches support the implementation of best practices and Advisors assist with substantive and procedural law inquiries on client files.

CAN recognizes that lawyers and paralegals need different types of support at different times and CAN will serve as a complement to existing mentorship programs in Ontario.

Are You Ready for the Coach and Advisor Network?

Do you want to develop a specific skill or tackle a practice management best practice over the next few months?  


Do you have a question about a client file that would benefit from a phone call with a seasoned practitioner?  

A Coach can help. You will begin with a 1.5-hour session with a Coach followed by a series of five 30-minute sessions set on alternating weeks, resulting in approximately a 3-month commitment.

Request Time with a Coach  

An Advisor can help. An Advisor will provide you with up to 30 minutes of guidance on a substantive or procedural issue on  a  client file.  

Request Time with an Advisor


Are you willing to be a resource to the profession and invest your time to help other lawyers and paralegals improve their professional competence?

If you are entitled to practise law or provide legal services in Ontario, whether you are in active practice, or not practising but wish to stay connected to the professions, then consider applying to be a Coach, an Advisor or both. CAN will provide you with resources, tools and training to ensure you are prepared for your Coach or Advisor sessions. Let us help you to help others while you develop your skills, earn CPD Hours and connect with the professions.

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