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How it Works

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The Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) recognizes that lawyers and paralegals may need different types of support at different times. An Advisor can assist with a 30-minute call about a particular issue on a client file and a Coach can support achieving a specific goal over three months. 

What is the difference between Coaching and Advising?

Advisor Supports
Timing of Connection
Connection with a Coach confirmed or a status update if none available within two weeks of request.
Connection with an Advisor confirmed or a status update if none available within two days of request
Subject Matter
Practice management or skills development
Substantive or procedural questions, often in the context of a client matter
Advanced Preparation 
Participants are expected to:
  • Review the Welcome to Coaching for Participants
  • Complete and submit the Pre-Contact worksheet to the Coach     
 Participants are expected to:
  • Be prepared to talk about their issue and their research conducted to date
  • The pre-call worksheet can assist with preparation but there is no requirement that it be sent to the Advisor
Overall Time Committment 
Four hours in total over a three month commitment.
Suggested initial meeting of 1.5 hours, followed by five 30-minute sessions scheduled on alternating weeks.
Additional time will be required for reflection and to attend to action items arising from sessions
One 30-minute telephone call


 How CAN supports the Professions

CAN provides the administrative infrastructure allowing lawyers and paralegals to focus on the professional development and practice issues. CAN assists with:

  • Documentation of the terms of the Coaching or Advising relationship, which includes a waiver and meets LawPRO's risk management criteria
  • Ongoing review of the eligibility of all CAN Coaches and Advisors
  • Timely and suitable matching of Participants when volunteers are available
  • Orientation materials, relational competence resources, training and other practical tools to support the Participant and the Coach and Advisor at each stage of the engagement