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Professional Liability Insurance

It is the Contract Lawyer or Paralegal's responsibility to ensure that his or her professional liability insurance practice coverage is in place and properly accommodates the Contract Lawyer or Paralegal work. This includes ensuring, for example, that Contract Lawyer or Paralegal work is appropriately reflected in insurance options like the real estate practice coverage in the case of lawyers, part-time practice, restricted area of practice and innocent party coverage.

The contracting firm/lawyer/paralegal should satisfy themselves that the Contract Lawyer or Paralegal's program coverage reflects appropriate options, since the Contract Lawyer or Paralegal is working on their behalf and they may be affected and have related policy obligations. It is also important for both parties to consider what excess and other insurance needs there may be and whether such policies would respond.

The LawPRO website contains further information on practice coverage and related issues.

Paralegals should be familiar with By-law 6, Part II, section 12(1), which specifies the type of professional liability insurance a paralegal must have to provide legal services.


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