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Well-being Resource Centre

The Law Society is committed to supporting the well-being of Ontario’s legal professionals and those entering the professions. Preserving, enhancing and investing in personal health, particularly mental health, is critical to the success of any legal practice and protects and serves the public interest.

As a legal professional, your work may pose real challenges to your mental health. Research shows legal professionals are almost twice as likely to experience mental health issues like anxiety, stress, depression and addiction as the general population.

If you are struggling with mental health or want to better understand how to support clients, colleagues and family who are, keep reading. This well-being resource centre brings together a number of Law Society and community resources to support well-being in the professions.

Find topical articles on mental health and well-being curated from the Law Society Gazette.

Learn more about the professional and confidential mental health services provided by Homewood Health.

Find strategies, practice supports and resources to help lawyers and paralegals manage personal well-being in the legal professions.

Choose from a selection of live and on-demand CPD courses about mental health in the professions.

Find research and reports related to mental health in the professions.

Get connected to government, healthcare and community mental well-being supports.

Member Well-being Resources Group

The Member Well-being Resources Group was established by Convocation in 2021 to help increase awareness and use of well-being resources and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness in the professions.

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